Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 805: The Search Begins

I'll say it right off, this entire search is a long shot. An extremely long shot. But I have to try, right?

If you don't know already, I collect Disney mugs, and really, mugs in general. As an avid coffee and tea and hot chocolate drinker, it seems like the perfect thing to collect. However, you're always running a risk. You may remember that a few weeks back I got my hands on one of the now-rare Epcot Starbucks You Are Here Mugs, a piece of my collection now valued somewhere between 200 and 500 dollars (depending on where you get it...those are just the going rates on ebay as of right now). Since I'll normally have at least one cup of tea a day, usually accompanied by another cup of tea or a cup of coffee, pretty much all of my mugs get used. Here in our dorm room, our dishes tend to pile up around our bathroom sink until one of us finally gets around to washing them, and generally when one of us washes, we do ALL the dishes sitting there, whether they're specifically ours or not, and although my Epcot mug has recently gone home, I used to use it all the time, and when they had to wash it, they'd all get a bit afraid of ruining this $300 mug. To be completely honest, I was too. But despite it's beautiful design and high price tag, it still wasn't my favorite mug.

Keyword, wasn't.

Because I spend my time half at school and half at home, my mug collection is split in half, although I have several more that sit at home than at school just because I don't have space to store them all here. Several weeks ago I noticed that my favorite mug, my E-Ticket mug, was looking sort of run down. The wording was coming off due to repeated dishwashing, and I requested everyone be careful with it. So I left it at home instead of bringing it back to school.

So now my mug looks something like this:

It used to look like this: 

Now, you might be saying, "Lizzie, it's just a mug! Why are you so upset?" Well there's a perfectly logical explanation for this. Back when the writing first started to disappear I was, of course, pretty upset, but it wasn't ruined (not like it is now at least), but my wonderful friends set out on a search to find a replacement, only coming up empty handed because as it turns out, this mug is just about as rare as the Epcot Starbucks Mug that sits safely on my shelf. It, like the Epcot mug, was only sold in the Disney Parks (exclusively at Walt Disney World). I happened to pick it up at the Art of Disney at Epcot, and rarely saw it anywhere else. A few park-to-house stores sold it online, but they're all out of stock, as is logical because this mug hasn't been sold for several years. And on eBay, the mug isn't listed anywhere. 

In other words, it's gone. 

So I'm putting out a request. I don't have a huge number of followers or readers, at least as far as I know, and I've already put out this request on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram once, but please, PLEASE, if you have any information on a replacement mug for me, let me know ASAP. I can't express how heartbroken I am at the loss of my favorite mug. It's a long shot to find a replacement, and to be completely honest, it sounds like the chances of me finding one are pretty slim. However, maybe with the help of the Disney community and social media I can track one down. 

If you have any info on a Magic Kingdom E-Ticket mug, let me know via comment or any of the social media websites listed on the sidebar. I'm thankful for any help you can give me! 

Thank you so much everyone and have a magical day!