Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 796: Keeping the Secret

Once again, if you are my brother or my father, I instruct you to stop reading this post immediately. Just...stop. I promise it's nothing bad, but I'm not about to be the one to spill the beans.

The simple fact is this: keeping secrets is hard. Especially big secrets. Big secrets that definitely involve your Dad and brother and Disney World and your summer job prospects and basically your life in general because you're a Disney blogger and are excited. It's been a struggle.

You see, Mom and I have known about this extra trip for like a month now and we still have another half a month to go before the others find out, and with each passing day it's harder to keep the secret. I suppose it's pretty easy when I'm at school all the time, because I'm not around them and the people I am around already know, but when I'm at home, especially for spring break, things start to slip out. After all, I'm not used to being one of the only people in the loop on things like this. Normally we all know right away that we're going and then we're all excited and so on and so forth, but not this time. No, this time I must be quiet.

It is sort of humorous though, since basically the entire world knows we're going to WDW in June, except for two of the people who are going. As for me, I've almost slipped up majorly a few times. Yesterday I was talking to a friend from church camp about counseling for the summer (which unfortunately I can't because of another job prospect and trips such as the one in June) and I literally said "Actually we're going to Florid...I mean California over the summer." My brother questioned it momentarily but because I brushed it off as "I sometimes forget because I'm so used to saying Florida at this point," and then he dropped it.

The other night we were looking at slides, which I've gotten pretty good at wording my way around things, and it just so happened that we were looking at slides from Wilderness Lodge, which is where we're staying come June, and I'm sitting there like "Yeah, we should go over there sometime," "Maybe we should stay there in the future," and "You're right, we really should take some of these slides and see if we can do some "then and now" photos." Oh gosh are things going to come back to bite them in realization when they find out.

But perhaps the biggest, and easiest, thing to slip up on is my countdown. As you already know, I have a white boat easel that my friend from high school got me that proudly displays the amount of time left before my next Disney trip. Because it sits on my highest shelf and, let's be honest, I barely have enough time to blog every day, much less go through and update a countdown daily, I mark the number of months left, meaning I only have to update it once every month instead of every single day. Currently, the countdown looks like this:

The problem? Dad and Jonny are sometimes in my dorm room, so every time someone comes to pick me up I have to stop and think "alright, do I need to put this down so they can't see it?" It literally says flat out that we're going to Disney World, because it would make very little sense for me to put just Disneyland on there, as that trip isn't until after our Disney World trip. 

Of course, I'm not the only one who's almost slipped up. Ashley and my brother's friend Jacob both know as well and are carefully hiding and talking their way around the secret at school with him, throwing my brother further off the trail to the point where hopefully, at this point, we can keep this one in the bag for another half a month. 

To be completely honest though, Easter can't come soon enough. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 16 due to Midterms).