Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 812: Beethoven

We're past Spring Break and past midterms here at college now...or at least past midterms when it comes to music. It seems my other classes prefer to have midterms after break, so there's definitely still those to worry about. However, with music done already it means we've started looking at a new composer ( know...three composers in a semester is more than enough for least when it comes to Classical Music). We've already spent our time on Haydn and Mozart, which means that there's still one big composer left: Beethoven.

In class we listen to a lot of music, as is customary for music majors, and today we spent some time listening to Beethoven. While, we didn't listen to either of the songs I'll talk about in a minute, the works did get be thinking. Somewhere along the line I was sitting in class listening to the music and for some reason, a horse race popped into my head...which reminded me more than enough of Fantasia, because that's exactly what Fantasia's music accompanied by the various stories and visual effects the animators heard while listening.

When it comes to Beethoven in Fantasia, there's one in the original 1940 film and another in Fantasia 2000, so I figured that in honor of listening to all the Beethoven I would share them with you today, partly because they're spectacular, partly because the above story is very real and partly because it's already late and I still have some work to do. So listen away and enjoy these lovely scenes from Fantasia:

Have a magical day!