Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 518: Love to Hate

Day 23 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A picture of the character you dislike the most. 

Blast from the Past: 

What? I have to admit this? Nooooo! 

Let's see, my least favorite Disney character. Ok, after much deliberation, I have to say that my least favorite character is the Evil Stepmother from Cinderella. Yeah, my other option was Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp (The Siamese Cats). It really was hard. 

Why don't I like her? Not really sure, but her constant evilness just drives me insane. I think it's more so from Cinderella 2 though, when she won't let Anastasia date the Baker because he's lowlife or something like that according to her. I always feel so terrible for Anastasia. 

The Stepsisters generally are pretty funny too, so I do like them. But there are just a bunch of characters that I don't really enjoy. I don't hate them, or really dislike them, but there are just other characters I like more. 

Back to the Future: 

In all honesty, I thought that this question was about our favorite villain at first because of the character I chose the first time, so we're gonna do both!

1. The character I just don't like:

This honestly is hard. There are SO many Disney characters with such a wide variety of personalities that it's hard to pick out one as the one I just don't like. Actually, I literally can't come up with any characters I don't like. I mean, I guess I have some I like more than others, but I can't think of one in particular that I just plain don't like.

2. The character I Love to Hate:

Now this one has more than ONE answer! Recently, and it's all due to the guy in that picture up there, I've been loving Captain Hook, but I also seriously love Hades, Ursula, Mother Gothel and, of course, we all love to hate Hans. ;)

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 21).