Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 528: 101 Things

I figured that since I needed blog posts, and one of the suggestions for blog post topics was "list things!" there was no better thing to list on a blog post I have to make up from literally four or so months ago than a really awesome list of all the things I did instead of blog. There were, after all, TONS of things I probably did instead of actually sitting down and blogging.

So, in no particular order, here's 101 things I did instead of work on my blog:

1. Homework
2. Eat
3. Sleep
4. Drive my Car
5. Read
6. Watch Movies
7. Watch YouTube Videos
8. Watch Television
9. Watch Once Upon A Time (yes this gets it's own number...)
10. Check Twitter
11. Check Instagram
12. Check Tumblr
13. Check Facebook
14. Go on Pinterest
15. Go Shopping
16. Write in my Journal
17. Write something completely unrelated to my Blog
18. Read other blogs
19. Go to Marching Band Rehearsal
20. Go to concerts
21. Go to Disney (does this even count?)
22. Edit Vlogs
23. Film Vlogs
24. The Ice Bucket Challenge
25. Plan my next Disney Trip
26. Surf the Web
27. Laugh with my Roommates
28. Go to Class
29. Practice my Instruments
30. Practice Piano even though I really didn't have to
31. Go for a walk
32. Play with my cat
33. Do something completely ridiculous with my brother
34. Make cupcakes
35. Make coffee (or go get coffee)
36. Make CaptainSwan Tea
37. Organize my closet
38. Do Laundry
39. Organize a Disney Sing-Along with no one other than myself
40. Read my own blog
41. Wash the dishes
42. Make attempts to write blog posts and then get completely distracted
43. Think about Harrison Ford
44. Think about Colin O'Donoghue
45. Think about OUAT in General
46. Listen to Music
47. Make Dorm Door Decs
48. Clean my Bedroom
49. Watch my roommate put on a fashion show
50. Go to Panara
51. Eat Swedish Fish
52. Leave Awesome Voicemails
53. Find holes in the door
54. Obsessively Tweet the OUAT Cast
55. Clothe Melvin (You'll get there eventually)
56. Have Ridiculous Water Fights
57. Think about Blogging but Never actually do it
58. Watch Disney Vacation Planning Videos
59. Prepare OUAT Disneybounds
60. Talk about Disney
61. Talk like Captain Hook
62. Make List about how I'm like Jennifer Morrison
63. Hang head in shame as Megan stares me down for not blogging
64. Stare at the ceiling
65. Unlock my phone (think about how much time that must add up to!)
66. Attempt to make Squirrel friends
67. Injure myself
68. Sit Silently Wishing I was at Disney
69. Have super intense conversations with my friends
70. Listen to Illuminations
71. Make attempts to educate everyone around me about Disney
72. Redesign my Blog
73. Make To-Do Lists
74. Sneeze
75. Yawn
76. Eat Muffins...IT'S A MUFFIN
77. Rant About Crying Kitten
78. Play Clue
79. Paint
80. Eat Ice Cream even though that's a completely awful idea
81. Complain about how I'm behind on my Blog
82. Debate how long it would take me to drive to WDW
83. Talk with my Family
84. Look at Disney merchandise on eBay and Etsy
85. Take a Shower/Bath
86. Collapse on the floor because Once and Life and Hook
87. Sit casually looking around my dorm room for inspiration
88. Wish that I could eat Ice Cream
89. Wish that I could eat something in general
90. Try to figure out what to do with my life
91. Explain to other people why and how I'm going to work for Disney
92. Make various attempts to memorize the narration for Spaceship Earth
93. Practice Drawing Treble Clefs on my Whiteboard
94. Spend a half hour deciding what music I want to listen to while blogging
95. Learn Random Facts about Random things I probably didn't need to know about
96. Make Paradox Jokes
97. Watch Daniel Radcliffe Rap
98. Hide in Fear
99. Slide hangers under the door...forcefully
100. Teach my roommate how to moonwalk
101. Make Ridiculous Lists of all the things I do instead of blogging.

This list was relatively easy to make...which is probably not the best sign, but I've been bloggingfor the past how many hours so that's at least good, even if I did get distracted by the Swedish Fish and Twitter and Colin O'Donoghue and Roommates and Coffee.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 29).