Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 534: 24 Epcot Hours

Remember back last year when I decided that my blog provided a good way to continue procrastination on my homework? If you don't remember what I'm talking about, it's specifically the time I decided to figure out how long it would take to see everything in the Magic Kingdom, and you can read that post HERE.

When I was coming up with blog post topics, all of a sudden I was struck with yet another terrible idea...let's do that post again, only this time with Epcot, because of course that's a good idea. So let's explore my personal favorite park a bit...

It would take you approximately 3.7 hours to just experience every attraction at Epcot, without your average wait time. Pretend as though you were able to just walk right onto any attraction, just like snapping your fingers. Goodness, wouldn't that be nice?

When I calculated the wait times (at exactly 11:45 A.M. EST on October 30, 2014), you'd have to wait approximately 4.4 hours to just get ON the attractions, with the longest wait time being 60 minutes for Test Track (Soarin' was close behind with 55). This, of course, is relatively low for wait times, as when I'm there it's not uncommon for both of these attractions to hit 90+ minutes.

Remember that those above numbers don't include the time it takes to WALK from one attraction to another, which, in Epcot, could take you easily over an hour, if you're walking fast. 

After yet another couple hours of calculation and time spent on AllEars, I figured an approximate amount you would spend to try absolutely every dish in every restaurant at Epcot. You'd spend around $8,660 on 2,235 options at a calculated 32 locations. This isn't including any sort of coffee shop or ice cream, as well as not including a couple of other places based simply on the fact that their menu is similar to another in the park. This also doesn't include alcohol, and I don't even want to know what you'd try to spend on that. This also isn't including the Biergarten or Akershus, which add on just under $100 if you, alone, eat at both. These numbers also don't include kids meals of any kind.

Throughout Epcot, you'll have a chance to meet approximately 24 characters, although that number changes daily as surprise characters appear. For instance, I met Flynn Rider and Rapunzel at Epcot in March, but neither are included in the total of 24 previously stated. It's also not including duplicate characters within restaurants or other locations.

I didn't spend a ton of time adding up the hours of background music, but on my homework playlist (with the addition of Illuminations), I regularly listen to 141 minutes of background music from Epcot. Goodness who even knows how much there is throughout the whole park because really...most of that is just the music around Spaceship Earth.

I also didn't include the time it takes for any of the shows, since those continuously keep changing and the only real one you could say for sure would be Illuminations, although one should also probably include the Fountain show. Oh, and throwing it in there that this isn't including the time it takes to see any of the special events, such as Food and Wine Festival, Flower and Garden Festival or the Christmas special events.

So if we put it together, in order to do everything at Epcot TODAY, it would take you around 8.3 hours to experience it all. Now while this isn't physically impossible, you must remember that this number isn't including the time it takes to walk from one place to another, go through the gates, eat, bathroom breaks, waiting for character meet and greets, actually meeting those characters, staking out a spot for Illuminations or shopping. Plus, this number is calculated with the assumption that you would go on each attraction once. AND it doesn't include the time it takes to stop and appreciate the area. Epcot is the biggest of the Disney Parks in reference to areas guests are able to regularly walk, so there's a huge distance you'll have to cover.

I'm getting better at calculating these things though. This time, instead of 3.6 hours, it took me about 2 to calculate all this information. Thank goodness.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 30).