Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 545: Lights, Camera, Action!

That title seemed like a good way to start these three posts that give a more in depth look at all the crazy we managed to accomplish during our short three day trip to Walt Disney World. It's funny, because I didn't write the newspaper article for this trip as I did the previous ones, so it almost feels like I haven't actually done this yet, especially since I also haven't begun editing the vlogs from those days.

But on this first day, and now the title will make even more sense, we went to Hollywood Studios. Actually, our day started out with that recording session I talked about in a previous blog post, and then we headed to Hard Rock Cafe, which I also talked about earlier, so we didn't really get there until around three, but that didn't stop us from getting a ton of stuff accomplished!

As soon as we got to the park, we made a quick stop for a photopass picture with the hat in the background. I love stopping at these because they generally have the frame and just who doesn't like that? It's brilliant. Plus, don't we all look adorable in those matching shirts? More on that in a minute though!

After our pictures we went to see Indy. Since it sounds like the show will be closing in the near future, it's sort of bittersweet. My first-time Disney peeps had never seen the show before, and here I was possibly facing my last time seeing a show that has found a special place in my heart. Sadly, it was cut short due to rain, and although I attempted to be chosen for the extras, I wasn't. That's alright though. I tried. Plus, everything was ok afterwards because WE MET INDIANA JONES.

For those that don't know, if you stick around after the show down near the bottom, you may be able to meet the stunt actors who play Indy and Marian. We did, since I figured it would be a great way to start out our Disney experience, AND it was something new for me. I've been meaning to try this for a while, and here I was with my friends getting to meet INDIANA JONES. You guys just don't know how amazing this was for me. As Ashley likes to say, his sweat is soaked into our souls.

After our incredible time meeting Indy, we headed out across the park for a try at Toy Story Mania. Thank the maker for Fastpass+! Now, I can't really speak for Megan and Ashley, but if I remember correctly, they both really enjoyed this one, even if Jonny did cream each and every one of us. I have to say though, it was a relief actually getting to play the game this time, unlike the last trip through when I videoed it for the band trip video!

Then it was off to dinner at the Sci-Fi, and we were lucky enough for our band director to join us. Let's just say there were some interesting moments involving the car parked outside, but what really made it special was what happened right beforehand! My parents had shirts to match ours, since they ordered theirs extra, knowing they would be there, and a cast member stationed at the DVC booth outside of SciFi had stopped them earlier in the day, commenting on how much she loved the shirts. When we came back later, she was still there, and I had the chance to talk with her about them. Apparently, she's been working for Disney for about 5 years and had never seen the design that graced the back of our shirts (which you can see in my Disneybound there...Genie!), and her comments LITERALLY MADE MY LIFE. As the designer of the shirt, and having spent countless hours trying to figure out what to do with it so it wouldn't infringe on copyright, having a cast member freak out about them made every ounce of it worth it. Needless to say, I wear that shirt all the time, and I can guarantee I'm going to try and get my friends and brother to wear it on a day in January.

Dinner was great, as usual, and then our band director was dead set on getting me on Tower of Terror. I've never been on it, of course, and he just had to see me on it. Problem was that there was 120 minute line, and we had less than that before we were set to meet back up for Fantasmic. Turns out the attraction was down and while our director and a few others tried to get on, they weren't successful. We made the right choice and instead headed across the park to use Star Tours fastpasses we had reserved, followed by a chance to build a droid, which Ashley was very excited about. I still don't know what hers is named, but mine is Harrison and my brother's is Gene Jones. Don't ask.

The Muppets came next, which left us just enough time to get back across the park to meet up for Fantastmic. So maybe we were two minutes late, but we were in contact with our chaperone, and everything worked out alright. Being 120 seconds late never hurt anyone.

Our day was rounded out with Fantasmic, which was entertaining mostly because we spent the hour long preshow next to our director...which I have mostly on camera. It was the most entertaining experience ever. Back at the hotel then, that night, we also ate our (slightly deformed) butterfinger cupcake and some zebra domes! Day well spent!

Although I am not looking forward to the Tower of Terror deal I made. Since we couldn't go on it, I told my director I would go on it in January, and I'd film it. He told me I must venture on it twice. We'll see if I make it through the first time.

Total things accomplished on Day one: Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Met Indiana Jones, Toy Story Mania, Ate at Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, Star Tours, Build-A-Droid, The Muppets in 3D and finally, Fantasmic: 8 things.

Not bad for only a few hours in Hollywood Studios, right?

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 1).