Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 529: Roommate...Bonding?

I love and adore the three roommates I live with now that I'm in my sophomore year (not that I don't love Megan, whom I roomed with last year! I miss you!). The four of us this year get along really, really well...almost too well. They generally say you shouldn't room with your good friends, but for some reason we make it work, and we share a TON of laughs in between all of it, while still somehow getting our work completed.

Last night we all participated in one of our favorite activities: roommate television watching. There are a few shows that we all just watch together, such as OUAT, Chuck and Hart of Dixie, and last night it was time for that last one. We're only in Season One, meaning that we have a long way to go yet, but that's alright. The problem? My roommates wanted to watch two episodes while the last roommate's resolve was a lot stronger than ours. I ended up rolling on the floor with laughter, and over the basis of about an hour there were multiple texts and phone calls, death threats (All in good fun, of course), hangers thrown under the door with pleas for help, countless laughs and one hole in the door (we swear we didn't put it's just a long story).

But the Disney part of all of this? The songs. Somewhere in between the hangers and me laying on the floor, we ended up randomly starting to sing Disney songs. Not really sure where in the world it all came from, but all of a sudden we were singing Part of Your World, which moved into a wonderful rendition of "Belle," from Beauty and the Beast. It's probably because we all love our Disney movies around here, which is probably good because they do live with me, after all.

I do love roommate bonding though, simply because it's just an absolutely enjoyable thing to do, and we hardly even ever plan to actually do it. The last time we had roommate bonding, one of my roommates was in the closet, another in my laundry basket and me in my bed, up against the wall as we attempted to hide from responsibility.

Things get pretty darn crazy around here.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 29).