Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 532: Coffee with Character

I always make attempts to educate my friends about Disney, and sometimes that comes out at the most random of times.

In the midst of a blogging spree last night, with attempts to finally make up the last of the blog posts (including this one) from this past summer, two of my roommates and I decided that a trip to our college coffee shop was in order. It was getting late and we all still had work to do and we needed a pick-me-up. Plus, our room gets pretty warm now that the heat is on and some fresh air sounded like a grand idea.

Off we went, and while walking over to the library to get said coffee, Megan suggested a topic for my blog post: Coffee with Character. Earlier in the evening, at dinner as a matter of fact, we had been talking about the same thing. It was a long train of how we got there, but long story short I made maple bacon cupcakes this past weekend and everyone thought I was crazy. I wasn't, of course, because seriously...I've had this before. I had a maple bacon pretzel cupcake at Epcot back in March...

It was delicious, by the way, and that's where I initially got the idea from.

Anyway, the picture right next to that one on my Instagram just happens to be some coffee with character: 

Yes, as in Emma Swan. The reasoning here? It's a chai latte, which happens to be Jennifer Morrison's favorite beverage at Starbucks, and therefore the official drink of Emma Swan fans, called Ugly Ducklings. I figured it was appropriate to, therefore, have Emma as my coffee with character name. Of course, my friends all gave me that look that 100% said "really?" and I had to explain why it wasn't my name on the cup. 

Coffee with character, for those of you who don't know, is this awesome thing where, when they ask you for your name at Starbucks, instead of saying your own name you say the name of a fictional character or something. Popular options always include Disney Princesses and Villains, although it ranges all over the place, and it doesn't always stick just to Disney. Search #CoffeeWithCharacter on Instagram sometime and you'll come up with all kinds of results. 

I can't wait to participate in more coffee with character when I go in January, especially since I'll actually have time to enjoy my coffee instead of rushing around. Regardless, you can bet that at least once Captain Hook will show up...and I wonldn't put it past me to include another Emma Swan somewhere in that too...

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 30).