Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 531: BLT

I've spent a good portion of my day trying to figure out how I ended up with 34 blog posts in August, 32 in July and only 29 in June, only to find that not only did I have extra days, but I also incorrectly labeled several numbers AND missed this one day in June. But no fear, I'm here to make it up and complete this thing once and for all (who am I kidding? I'll probably be behind again by next week!)

Regardless, as I was ironing out the last of these odd mistakes, I was eating my lunch. A large portion of the time we grab lunch in the caf here at SNC, but from time to time (and more often now than ever before I believe), I head to Phils to grab a BLT. It was during the process of eating my delicious Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on toasted sourdough bread that I was attempting to come up with a topic to cover this long lost blog post. And then it hit me. Or rather, it was staring me right in the face. BLT.

I know I talked about this once, quite some time ago, but it was only briefly and in reference to something I believe I saw on Pinterest. Disnerds, if that's what you're calling them specifically (I change every so often...but that's a blog post for another day), have their own kind of language. We speak in Abbreviations and odd words that absolutely no one else can ever understand without further explanation. Lucky for me, Megan has finally tapped into this language and is slowly catching on to whatever it is I'm making a reference to, helping me to explain it to the rest of the world, most notably my roommates.

If we're talking about BLT, for instance, in Disney talk, we certainly aren't talking about Lettuce and Bacon, but rather Disney's Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort. It happens to be one of my favorite places to stay on property, and I can't help but think of it just a little bit every time I order a sandwich at Phils.

There's a whole list of Abbreviations we use though, some of which make more sense in daily life than others. Once and a while we'll completely confuse someone by taking a term (like BLT) and using it in a completely different way. After all, saying "I'm going to stay at BLT" doesn't make a lot of sense if you don't understand the fact that we're talking about a hotel and not a sandwich. As much as I love bacon, even I have to admit that such a thing would be pretty gross.

I can confuse people with OKW or SSE all the time (Although according to the full list HERE at AllEars, Spaceship Earth is generally just SE. I like SSE more). Still, we probably all look ridiculous walking around saying stuff like "I got a FP for ToT, which I'll use right before the one for ST, although I really wish I could go to EC instead of DHS."

Yeah, go figure that one out for yourself. I can do this all day.

Have a magical day!

(Note; This blog post was written on November 3).