Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 546: All The Magic

Day two of the Disney portion of the band trip was a big one. No, not big...HUGE. A full day at Magic Kingdom with a parade smack dab in the middle, and we had tons of stuff to do along the way!

As most Magic Kingdom days begin, we headed over on the ferry, walking through the gates just after ten in the morning. We checked out Main Street before venturing back to get some postcards mailed out, which we counted as one of the things we got accomplished for the day too! On our way to Fantasyland, we walked through Cinderella Castle, which is certainly an attraction in itself! Then it was off to our first stop: it's a small world. Everyone always seems to give this attraction a bad wrap, and I couldn't just let my friends in the Magic Kingdom without experiencing it for themselves. Now, it wasn't planned to be the very first attraction, but there was certainly a line for Peter Pan, so we made a few changes.

Then it was off to find some water. One has to keep hydrated after all. Then, Ashley's worst nightmare: HAUNTED MANSION. She was terrified, but I think she enjoyed it. After all, she did survive my whispering in her ear, and that's a feat to be proud of in itself. After our adventures there we headed out across the park for our first fastpass of the day: Space Mountain.

I think Ashley has told me that this is one of her favorite attractions, which really surprised me. She told me after we got back that Disney sort of helped her get over her fear of thrill rides and rollercoasters, so that's an accomplishment in itself. Jonny and I were on like opposite ends of the car, but it was funny because you could totally still hear the two of us counting down as we hit blastoff.

Lunch was at Cosmic Rays, and we went early enough that there were still seats open in by Sunny Eclipse, so of course we sat there for a while and listened to him. Nothing like that lovely music and those terrible jokes! And since we had a parade coming up that afternoon, we spent a little extra time on lunch, just to cool off and keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

In her graduation speech last year, Megan quoted Carousel of Progress, so of course that was on the list of things to do as well, and yes, we got it done! It's hilarious how many little references to the show I have in my everyday life, so I'm sure Megan especially was happy to finally see the show that they come from, not to mention the "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" she talked about in her speech.

With a while before our report time for the parade, we took a walk back across the park, stopping in front of Cinderella Castle once again to take some pictures before heading off towards Frontierland. As we walked, we found that the Country Bears would begin in about 6 minutes, and after a quick check on the internet about the length of the show, we headed in. It was mostly just a time filler, but Ashley just couldn't stop laughing. I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it.

A bathroom break, meet up with my parents and report time later, we were backstage, preparing for the parade that would change my life. But that's another blog post (or two or three if you include the ones I have already written). We marching down Main Street, cried, hugged, almost died, got really hot, and were happy, and sad and angry was an emotional experience.

After the parade we found my parents once again, up at the train station, before having to head out for our dining reservation. It all worked out great though, since we took the Train back to the Storybook Circus stop, meaning we got on yet another attraction! Dinner was a big one too, Be Our Guest. As the only kids on the trip who got to eat there, it was pretty wild.

Although not as wild as the attractions that came after dinner. Our meal took a really long time. Almost two hours, but we met up with my parents at the stockade in Liberty Square before journeying off to Big Thunder. Another Fastpass, Another mountain. Which we followed up by Pirates, which we waited standby for. It didn't take super long, but I can honestly admit that I've never gotten as wet on Pirates as I did that day. Megan and I were soaked. Not that we would have faced a chance that evening anyways since our next attraction was Splash.

Following all the thrills, on our way back to the front of the park to meet everyone for Wishes, we found ourselves eating Dole Whips (for the very first time for some of us!), walking through the stores, and catching glimpses of the Electrical Parade. And finally, we stood at Town Square to catch the Projection show and Wishes with the rest of the band, all with a few laughs with our band director.

Total things accomplished: Postcards sent out, walked through Cinderella Castle, it's a small world, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Lunch at Cosmic Rays with Sunny Eclipse, Carousel of Progress, Country Bears, Marched down Main Street USA, Walt Disney World Railroad, Dinner at Be Our Guest, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Dole Whips, Castle Projection Show and finally, Wishes: 17 things.

Don't ask me how we did that. I don't even know.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 1).