Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 671: Heartbreakers

If there's one thing that's a rule around here, it's that we always watch Once Upon A Time together. In fact, I hate watching it alone these days, despite the fact that entire first two seasons I spent my Sunday evenings with my television screen and my dinner. Since coming to college, our OUAT time is the one hour every single week that my roommates and friends and I all gather together to watch one of our favorite television shows. It's kept me calm many times over and I treasure that time spent with my friends. So when my roommates missed this last episode because of homework, things got a little crazy around here.

Don't get me wrong, they need to do their homework, and I'm not mad at them in the slightest (I'm a bit grudgy with other people for other reasons that also involve OUAT, but certainly not Hannah and Megan).

What made the whole thing funny was the continuous references to The Lion King that came out of them missing the episode. It began with deciding that they're heartbreakers for not watching with us, although that wasn't the end of it. Somewhere along the line, we got to discussing the fact that the entire situation reminded us of the moment in The Lion King 2 when Kovu is exiled. Of course we had to play the song...

I think Simba was a bit harsh on Kovu compared to us on our roommates, especially when considering the fact that I too will have to miss an episode of OUAT this next week (I'll be watching it later in the night with a couple of my other friends, so don't worry. I won't have to wait too long). After all, we love our roommates and school always comes first...unless we're on our last legs from exhaustion. Then we highly recommend they go to sleep.

Have a magical day!