Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 684: Remember the Firsts

Oh My Disney is probably my favorite of the official Disney blogs. I head over there probably at least 6-7 times a week because of the brilliant posts included there, and I wish just about every day of my life that I could make a living writing for a blog like that...especially about Disney. I mean, last week there was a post entirely dedicated to the love of Captain Hook on OUAT. Doesn't that basically describe my life already? 

Anyway, one of the blog posts today was "Pinnacle Moments in Every Disney Fan's Life," so of course I clicked on it. It's very true, there are distinctly Disney moments in the life of every Disney fan, and they help shape the Disnerd inside of us. Plus, I love reflecting on Disney memories of my own, especially when my latest trip is under two months away and I'm getting pretty darn excited. 

But what I didn't really think about until I read the article is that my Disney experience isn't one filled with moments I can remember. The list has a great number of pinnacle moments, including finding a Disney Toy, seeing your first Disney film in theaters, your first trip to Disneyland and Disney World, etc. As I went through it though, I was faced with a lot of moments that I know I had, I just don't remember. 

To be completely honest, I don't know what my Disney Toy is. Maybe my parents remember me having one, but I certainly don't. I have my own fair share of Disney themed stuff now though...although I guess you could sort of count my Spaceship Earth collection. That's been a long time in building, and it's far from done. It'll be the highlight of my Disney collection someday. 

I don't remember seeing my first Disney film in theaters, nor do I even know what it would have been. I also don't really remember my first Disney Halloween Costume...unless it was like Han Solo two years ago or something. Then I guess I do...or Captain Hook from last year, depending on what you count. Then again, I wasn't ever really 100% into Halloween anyway. 

I do, however, remember my first trip to Disneyland, if only because it was in 2011 and I should in every logical way, very much remember that trip. It wasn't like it was ages ago or anything. My first trip to Disney World, on the other hand? Yeah, that happened wayyyy too long ago for me to remember, as did my first pair of Mickey Ears. I also don't really remember ever actually picking my favorite Disney song, movie and character, if only because it changes constantly. The only height requirement I ever remember actually meeting was Test Track, and I have no memory of my first dole whip. I can not for the life of me tell you when that was. I didn't need to wait for my Favorite Disney movie to come to Blu-Ray...Tangled came out on Blu-Ray right away (hahaha rhymes). 

But most of all, my life has ALWAYS been completely devoted to Disney. It makes it sort of weird to think about people having a moment where they just realize it. I guess a part of me can definitely relate that feeling to starting Everyday Disney, but I don't think I can pinpoint one exact moment otherwise. It was more of a "it's just this way" sort of thing. 

On the other hand, I am lucky enough to have the chance to see some of my friends experience the same pinnacle moments. I got to see my friends visit Walt Disney World for the first time, and get their first Mickey ears, and as we go through the Disney films together I often even get to watch them choose favorite movies and songs and characters. Even their first dole whip was a moment I got to experience with them. So while I may not remember my own first moments, I certainly am able to remember theirs! 

Read the whole Oh My Disney article HERE!

Have a magical day!