Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 690: Where in the World

One of my all time favorite games is "Where in the World." It's pretty popular among the entire Disney fandom to be completely honest, with just about everyone playing the game. But recently I've been playing it in a whole new way. This past week, someone Megan knows has been at Walt Disney World, and so she'll pull up the latest pictures and we'll be sad together about the fact that we're not at Disney. It's a common thing these days as we approach the next trip.

Actually it makes me pretty proud a lot of the time because Shovell will come in and it'll be a picture from some super random place on property and she'll know exactly where it was taken. That doesn't happen very often. Normally people don't know where stuff is, even my family once and a while. But yesterday Megan came in and couldn't figure out where the people were, and to be completely honest, I couldn't even figure it out at first.

We knew they had been at Hollywood Studios earlier in the day, and it definitely looked like they were waiting to eat dinner somewhere. I just couldn't figure out where that place was. It took me a really long time, but eventually I thought about it. I knew where it wasn't, but considering the fact that I haven't been to every single place constantly, there's a significant part of me that won't recognize things right away. However, it's pretty easy to narrow things down, especially when you have an idea.

In one of the photos they were holding a menu, definitely the only thing needed to figure out where they were dining. The menu honestly gave it away:

Once we'd narrowed it down to 50's Prime Time Cafe, all I had to do was search for pictures of the waiting area, and sure enough, that's where they took the first picture. The chairs at the counter matched up and so did one of the couches. Easy enough, right? 

The irony is that in just over a month, we'll be in that same room. We're eating at 50's Prime Time in January, just because it's one of the best themed restaurants at Walt Disney World, if you ask me at least. As a kid, it was my absolute least favorite restaurant because of a bad experience with the "no elbows on the table rule." I was three. I couldn't reach my milkshake. You can figure out the rest. But it's just one of those things that I felt my friends should experience, so we're headed there for what is sure to be one of the most interesting meals I've ever had at Walt Disney World. 

As for Where in the World, that's it for this time, but maybe this will be a new series kind of thing. I love trying to figure out where pictures are taken at Disney, and I definitely can see this as a regular part of my daily Disney experience. After all, you should see some of the pictures my family takes. It's always an adventure trying to figure out where they were taken.

Have a magical day!