Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 678: A Frozen Wish

I feel like with Frozen, you either love it or you don't. There is no in between, especially when it comes to Disney fans. As awesome as the film is, and it's great that it was so absolutely successful, there are a lot of hardcore Disney fans that are just sick of the entire thing. And then there are the people that are the exact opposite and wish for everything to be Frozen all the time. It's an odd, but delicate balance.

I, personally, I stuck in the middle...sort of. It depends on the day whether I love or hate Frozen, and even today I'm not sure where I stand. When I saw the film, I did fall in love. I loved the music and the plot and the characters and...we've already covered this multiple times over. And I loved Frozen for quite some time, and then I just kind of got sick of it. And then it was decided that they would be on Once and I groaned a little bit...and then I met the versions on OUAT and fell in love and then I was definitely back in that state. In fact, Georgina Haig, who plays Elsa on Once, posted the other day about how she's finished filming for the show and I just wanted it to be a lie because I want them to stay forever.

And then the Christmas stuff at Disney started.

Now, I can't really say that I ever attended the castle lighting ceremony at Magic Kingdom. Maybe once I did a really long time ago, but I certainly haven't seen it recently, and I did watch the Frozen version that's brand new this year. To be honest, it almost made me cry. The simple ease and smoothness between the actors, the projection, lights and fireworks makes the entire thing mesmerizing.

And then they decide that the Christmas Parade will be Frozen and everything else will be Frozen and FROZEN, FROZEN, FROZEN!

So I'm back to wondering if I like Frozen or not. It's a difficult decision to say the least, especially when your opinion seems to change with the day. For now though, let's all just watch the Frozen Castle Lighting Ceremony:

Have a magical day!