Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 698: Cousin Dave

I like to think I'm a pretty funny person, and if I'm not funny, I'm at least sarcastic. I really enjoy my puns and truly believe that The Jungle Cruise is one of the greatest gifts to the world. Why? Puns, of course. There's actually punny stuff all over Walt Disney World, and I tend to enjoy making jokes about stuff I find there in my everyday life. I'm sure I've mentioned a few of them before, including anything from the Carousel of Progress or Haunted Mansion.

Which brings us to part one of the discuss: Haunted Mansion. A few weeks ago I happened to make a joke involving the following headstone to my roommates:

These gravestones are all over at Haunted Mansion, and I've read each and every one of them multiple times. Of course, my roommates hadn't, so I was met only with blank stares. No, blank confused stares is more like it. The bigger problem? When I make a Disney joke, Megan often will catch onto the fact that it's a Disney joke and she should just go along with it until we get to Disney and I can explain it further. Everyone else, however, isn't used to my constant Disney jokes. She is because I said them all the time in High School. Things are different now.

Which is why I make OUAT jokes instead. It seems that when I share something like this following one, they all understand:

Actually, numerous people have sent me this meme, including one or more of my roommates. Then again, with the way things work in our room, we laugh whenever someone mentions the word Hook period. It always ends with me in a fit of giggles and then they all laugh at my fangirling. But hey, he's my favorite character, what am I gonna do? 

So you can see the problem here. I can make Disney jokes all day and get nothing but blank stares, but the second I make a Once joke everything works out. Maybe I need to find some new material. Yeah, I should find some new jokes having to do with the Disney movies. They'd probably understand those! That or I need my own headstone: "Here Rests Cousin Lizzie, She Gave Us Jokes 'till We Were Dizzy."

No? Tough Crowd. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 19 due to finals).