Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 687: Donuts

How do you spell donuts anyway? Is it donuts or doughnuts? Or is one of those weird words that you can spell either way?

Regardless, that's our discussion of the day...or at least part of the discussion. It's one that's been on the topic list for a really, really long time and I just now finally got around to blogging about it for real. Why did it take so long? I'm honestly not really sure because, if you ask me, it's a pretty good representation of Disney in our everyday lives.

Story time! One trip, many years ago, we got these donuts from the store at Old Key West for breakfast. I have no idea what prompted this, other than the fact that we wanted or needed something for breakfast (we rarely eat in the parks for breakfast). We ended up liking the donuts, and ever since they've made our way into the fridge at whatever resort we happen to be staying at. In other words, the classic Entenmann's donuts have become known in our family as "The Disney Donuts."

Lucky for us, because this is a brand that's sold all over the United States, we can sometimes find these donuts in our fridge at home too, and that's what happened. I happened to be at Walmart picking up some food to make dinner and figured I would grab some of the donuts to share with my brother since I know they sell them there. There's only like 8 donuts per box, so it definitely doesn't last long, especially with Jonny around, but they're good for a day or two, and when you refer to them as the Disney Donuts, the second you bite into one it's like a flashback home.

Of course, there are other things like this throughout the world. For instance, sometimes when I buy a new bottle of water from Phils, the college "convenience store" and grill, I'll pick up a Dasani water instead of something else (although SmartWater, also sold at Disney, is also a popular option for me). Why do I prefer this water over the other water that is literally probably no different whatsoever? It's because that's the water they sell at Disney, and for some reason I just feel natural walking around with one of those versus a different brand.

The same thing can go for a coke. When I was younger I would only drink Pepsi, giving into the coke world only when at Disney, but somewhere along the line I switched over. I don't drink soda very often, but when I do you bet it can be something that reminds me of Disney, and that generally means coke.

Want another example of my super weird Disney Food obsession? Although I'm lactose intolerant now, as a kid I was a huge fan of the Toll House Cookie Ice Cream bars, although I also seriously loved the "Minnie's Strawberry Bar." Here's proof:

Yes, that's me. Of course, they sell these things all over the place, and I'm more likely to pick up a Toll House Cookie Sandwich than I am a Drumstick if I'm going to eat ice cream. And the Minnie's Strawberry Bar? It's an Ed's Strawberry Bar and I keep them around quite often (pretty sure there's some in my freezer at home...unless I finished them all again). 

This is just one of the really weird ways that Disney's worked it's way into my life and mind. It's not a subconscious thing whatsoever, because I know for a fact that when I go to Phils to buy water I walk in there thinking about the Dasani water or SmartWater I'm going to walk out with, and that leads me on a train of thought that goes back to Disney. I'm sure it happens with more of than these four, but they're the most prominent for sure, bringing a little bit of home into my college and Wisconsin life. 

Have a magical day!