Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 685: Lizzie Watches Her Vlogs

I go through a lot of video from Disney World. As I blogged about a while back, when it comes to the band trip video, I am selecting footage from over 30 hours of video, and that means that there's a lot to work through. In addition, I probably watch each vlog around 4-5 times in editing and every piece of any other video at least 70-100 times, depending on the length of the section. Why is this important? Well, I generally don't end up watching those vlogs very often after they're published on YouTube. I'll end up watching them with people from time to time, and when I have a really bad day I'll sometimes turn one on, but other than that I actually forget a lot of what happens in the vlogs. 

So when I was watching some of my vlogs the other night I decided to take it to Twitter as well. After all, there are a lot of things in the vlogs that you don't necessarily see within the video itself. It's hard to narrow down those 33 hours of footage to only a few minutes! Within my tweeting and rewatching though, I have to admit that it made me pretty sentimental, and I have a number of really good thoughts. Here's a few of my favorite thoughts I had over the past few days when going back through all my vlogs: 

"I feel like my vlogs have made me a more adventurous Disney Park I went on Dinosaur for the first time in years in March so I could video it. I wouldn't have ridden that in 65 million years before (pun intended)." 

It's true though. I headed on Dinosaur in March specifically for footage for in the band trip video. Previous to that time on the attraction, I think I'd only been on it twice, if that. It just wasn't my thing at all. But I knew I needed the footage, so I forced myself on it, and I know already that I'll be headed back in January. It's amazing how just knowing that there are people out there watching you on your trip can make up be more adventurous. 

"A number of years ago my brother and I made a pact to not fight on our trips. We kid each other but still keep it."

I remember the conversations my brother and I used to have. When we were younger, the fighting on Disney Trips was non-stop. The 100% completely normal "we're siblings and we want to go on different attractions" kind of fights. And then one year we were outside out house playing catch, of all things, and we started talking about it. Mom had been freaking out for a few days about how we were probably just going to fight constantly on our upcoming trip, so the Kid and I made a pact. That trip we were going to surprise our parents and not fight at all. Somehow, the pact worked, and then it just became some sort of silent agreement. We argue all the time back home, and you definitely still see us "arguing" on camera, but not like we used to. Disney Vacations have been much nicer since we played catch that day. 

"If I had a dime for every time my bro mentions trash cans I'd have enough to pay for another Disney trip. And if he had a dime for every time I mentioned Colin O'Donoghue, my brother would be able to pay for five trips."

We all have our obsessions...they don't go away just because we're at Disney. 

"Filming on Test Track is probably one of the scariest things I've ever done." 

When I say that I have 33 hours of footage, I'm not kidding. However, not all of that is me walking around, and it's not all of fireworks and parades either. There's actually a TON of footage from many of the Disney attractions from all over the parks. That means I definitely have video of the thrill rides, and I get questions all the time about whether or not I was terrified for the camera in those moments. The answer is yes...I always am. The scariest? Probably Expedition Everest and Splash Mountain. For sure.

"In all 25 WDW trips, only once have I been held in Wisconsin due to weather. July 2013 was that trip." 

I live in Wisconsin, and I travel mainly in the winter. It's just what worked better for my family and it's much cooler down in Florida int he winter months. So you'd think that eventually we'd have run into a snowstorm or something that prevented us from making it to Disney. Only once has this ever happened. We've had close calls, for sure, but it was in July, of all months, that I didn't make it to Disney on time...because of a thunderstorm.

"I actually didn't really like Wishes until my high school band trip when my own wish came true. It was magical." 

I'm an Illuminations fan, forever. I grew up with it, and that made it my favorite, among other reasons. It also meant that I just didn't like Wishes quite as much, and I never really liked to stop and watch. It stayed this way until quite recently. For months before we found out about being accepted to Disney Performing Arts, I listened to Wishes and wished upon a star that we would be able to go. When we were, indeed, accepted, I couldn't help but wonder if the wish coming true was mine. Now the show definitely has a special place in my heart. 

There are tons of other thoughts that I had while watching my vlogs, and I have a feeling that #LizzieWatchesHerVlogs will be a hashtag I keep around for a while. Hopefully new vlogs and video will be appearing very soon as well! And be sure to follow my personal twitter (@epcotexpert) and the official Everyday Disney twitter (@EverydayDis) for my constant random thoughts on just about everything Disney!

Have a magical day!