Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 681: Two Years Ago

To be 100% honest, I almost didn't blog on time today, although I've spent the last five and a half hours or so working on my blog. See, I joined one of my friends in the library this evening and since we were sitting at the giant computer table in the basement, I figured that I would use it to write a blog post: this blog post as a matter of fact. Only, I noticed a bit of an issue when I started...the title for the latest day was 681, but the blog post count itself only showed 680. It meant that somewhere along the line there was still an issue, and I can't believe I didn't notice it over the past couple of weeks. 

So for the past five and a half hours I spent my life recording every single blog post in a giant spreadsheet that includes all the dates they're posted, Day numbers and titles. It. Took. Forever. Honestly though, it was probably a good idea. I found a couple of other errors, and now, and I swear this is the last time I'll say this, the blog appears to be all correct. The funny part? I found errors as far back as month 1, as in January of 2013. Yep, fixed those and am all up to date. 

In other words, at the beginning of this adventure I actually had an idea of what this blog post was going to be about, but at this point my brain is just kind of mush. I'm still sort of debating stopping this writing at the moment and picking it back up tomorrow because I don't even really know what I'm writing about. I have no clue how Disney has fit into my day, other than the fact that I've spent the last five hours looking back at all the old blog posts. 

I suppose, therefore, I'll talk about that. A long while ago, my friend asked me if it was weird looking back at the old posts. I mean, we're talking posts from over a year ago, and it is. I looked at just about every single post in the last year and a half. I didn't read them all, but I looked through them all, saw pictures of them all and added them all into the new master file I have. A part of it feels like "That was sooooo long ago," but the other part is like "That was THAT long ago?" It makes for an add combination. 

And since we're being sentimental today, I suppose I'll also mention that two years ago today (so a while before this blog even existed) was one of the most important days in my life. As far as I can tell from Timehop, two years ago today was the exact first day we decided to audition for Disney Performing Arts. We had a band council meeting and the entire thing was discussed and we set our minds to it. Now it's all over and done with (other than that band trip video which causes me pain and suffering constantly because it's just taking forever and I feel bad about that fact), and it's just a weird thing to look back at. In case you were wondering, I know this because of a Facebook Status I posted that day:

"Even though I've put so much of myself into this...I haven't asked for much in return...and if I have, it's for the opportunity to learn. now I've been blessed with even the possibility of not only a learning experience, but also for my greatest dream to come true...and I hope there is an understanding that this time, if I'm let down it will completely crush me. I've kept my hopes down for three years...and I thought that this would never come true...but due to the's now a possibility...but if it falls through, it wouldn't be like before, it would be ripped from my hands. But I know I have a job to do...and no matter what I still have to do that job...and I will do everything I can to make my dream possibly for everyone else, even if I can't participate in it myself."

This status is incredibly important for me, since there was so much drama surrounding the band trip, with words put not only in my mouth, but the mouths of those around me. The situation, as you know, was not good in any shape or form. But throughout the whole thing, I constantly related back to this thought, and it's nice to know that the whole time, I was indeed telling the truth. This point has stuck with me since the first day the Disney trip came up in conversation, and it held true until long after the trip itself was finished. 

Right now though? I really need to go back to my dorm room and sleep. I need to darn much. 

Have a magical day!