Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 686: Becoming a Tradition

As much as I do talk about Once, it's been a few weeks since I shared my Disneybounds here. We left off after the first ever Double Disneybound of Emma and Hook for CaptainSwan date night, and since then there's been not only several outfits, but also quite a bit of hype about some of them. It doesn't happen often, but once and a while I do get comments from cast and crew on the latest outfits, and last night was certainly a great one for that. But let's go back a few weeks: 

After Hook and Emma, I went back to a Season One outfit that we haven't seen in a while. I am extremely lucky to have a television show that I'm doing this for that not only has a spectacular costume department, but also two entirely different sets of characters. It means that I can Disneybound and do an outfit for Mary Margaret in Storybrooke, but also Snow White in the Enchanted Forest. It's a good combination if you ask me. 

Then I was Belle for a week, and yes those shoes are as high as they look. I think this one was pretty fun to put together simply because of those shoes though. They caused quite the interest in my dorm room, as I'm pretty sure all my roommates and then some have tried them on. To say the least, they're really fun to wear...if only for a short time. 

Although I missed the episode itself (I caught it later in the night), the Snow Queen, or as I call her, the Dairy Queen, Disneybound came on time. This was both easy and hard, simply because I wanted to do something that was true to the character but also easy enough for me to wear to the meeting I had to catch during the episode itself. I'm happy with it either way. 

And finally we get to the most recent Disneybound, Marian. This one is one of my favorites outfit wise, for sure. I absolutely adore the dress I found for it and the hairstyle is one of my favorites to do when my hair is curled, meaning that it's just great all around. BUT, it gets better! This is, by far, the most popular Disneybound to date! Why? This: 

Yes, that's right, both Christie Laing, who plays Marian, and Adam Horowitz (whom you already know is one of the writers/creators of the show) comments on it, and it totally made my night, especially after the emotional rollercoaster I went through during the two hour episode. It's always a goal to get the cast and crew to see these, considering they bring the inspiration for each outfit, and it's funny because I always get two incredibly different responses to these outfits. 

The people that don't necessarily understand are all like "Why in the world do you dress up for a television show? That's ridiculous." And yep, they're right. Spending probably two hours on each outfit (including hair on makeup) for a television show that barely lasts an hour? That's crazy. BUT...then we get to the other people, who mention that eventually the cast and crew will probably end up remembering me. I do one of these literally every single week, and I have no intention of stopping as long as the show goes on, so they're very right. At some point I could find myself in Steveston or somewhere else meeting these people and one of the cast members could say "You're the person who does all the outfits!" It's a long shot, but it COULD happen, and that's the thought I keep in the back of my mind. 

Plus, it seriously is really fun and very rewarding when even one cast member favorites or notices it. It's always a step in the right direction, and above all else, it's becoming a tradition in its own right. 

Also in fun moments this past week, I got to ride in a yellow bug and I was saving it to include on this post. One of my roommates had to go pick up the bug for a class field trip and I got to tag along, so yes...I got to ride in it and it was basically the highlight of my week last week. 

Have a magical day!