Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 695: Turturkeykey

Thanksgiving. It's really a wonderful holdiay, my second favorite in fact (just after Christmas, because who doesn't love Christmas?) It's just one of those great times of year when the whole family can get together and you eat a ridiculous amount of great food and gosh, the pie. Granted, this year I spent a good amount of my Thanksgiving working on homework because those Music History Research Papers just don't write themselves, but that doesn't mean there isn't a chance to have a great holiday (plus, once Christmas comes around I'm off of school and don't have to worry in the least about homework).

It's funny though, because throughout the progression of the day, I came across several various references to things, the first of which refers to my all time favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother, Blitzgiving. It's one of the Jennifer Morrison episodes in Season 6, so of course I really enjoyed it in the first place. It was a Thanksgiving episode, which is probably one of the best kinds of episodes to have, and featured all our favorite characters going from apartment to apartment trying to figure out where to have Thanksgiving dinner and cook Ted's "Turturkeykey." From what we understand, it's a turkey stuffed inside of a turkey (it ends up being really gross, but I'd still totally try it). I'd been planning to use #Turturkeykey all day, but of course, the lovely Jennifer Morrison beat me to it, using it on her own Thanksgiving instagram picture. Great minds think alike?

Regardless, that's not the regularly scheduled Disney reference of the day. Not even close. I spent most of my thanksgiving sitting at the kitchen counter of my cousin's house, as I said, working on my research paper. It meant that as the rest of the family played cards, I got to sit closest to the food and watch as the last of the dishes (turkey included) were prepared. Best seat in the house if you ask me.

A bit of the way into our visit, the turkey finally hit the oven. It wasn't frozen or anything, but it was a giant turkey, and it did go into the oven. Of course, my Dad and I were there, at the counter, watching as they put it in the oven, and all we did was crack up about Frozen Pizza. Yep, that's just how we roll.

The Frozen Pizza Joke seems to be a popular one in our family, going right along with the blowing of a fuse and "Temperature set to 375," and if you haven't figured out what we're referencing yet, here's a hint: It's about a family moving through the 20th century.

The Carousel of Progress, as I've blogged about before, is a commonly referenced show in our lives, and I remember watching as my friends saw it and finally understood what we were talking about when we took them to see it on the trip in June. Now it's been requested for a return trip this January, and I couldn't be more excited that they enjoyed yet another of my favorite attractions. I think that means more to me than most other things do, just the fact that I was there to see laughter and smiles and understanding of the random crap Lizzie's been talking about for the past 7+ years that never made any sense.

Does it mean my extended family understood when my Dad and I laughed about Frozen Pizza for dinner? No. Not in the least.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 15 due to finals!)