Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 676: Kermit meets TED

TED talks are one of the best things ever created, if you ask me. There are talks on just about everything in the world, and there's certainly one for every moment of your life. You can use TED talks in the classroom or to boost your mood at the end of a long day or to get inspired for a project. Especially in high school, I loved watching these talks, especially since they worked really well for learning about stuff in Psychology. When I saw that Kermit the Frog had done a TED talk though? Boy was I excited.

It took me a while to find a recording, but I did eventually track one down, and you can watch it too!

The TED talk was pretty darn good if you ask me, and was certainly inspiring when it comes to the basis of creativity. Being creative is one of the most difficult things to do, and honestly, it's really tiring sometimes. I'll decorate a part of our dorm room or something and everyone will comment on how absolutely creative I am and how naturally it comes to me and I'll be like "Thanks but it's really not that easy." Alright, I guess part of it comes sort of naturally...the fact that I can see certain things in my head just at will. The hard part is getting to that picture and then actually completing the project you're working on. 

I loved Kermit's talk though because it incorporating all those inspiring things while still staying true to what he (the character is), bringing in references from The Muppets and making wonderful jokes about everything from Miss Piggy to those who had a hand in his performance. 

It's also great to see the internet respond to the talk, since after his talk happened, Twitter pretty much went wild. That's how I actually found out about it, and I couldn't wait to watch it, which I have now done, obviously. 

Let's hope we get more TED talks like this in the future, simply because the fact that Kermit being on the TED talk was pretty creative in itself. You can't beat Kermit the Frog, after all. 

Have a magical day!