Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 674: Drawing Games

When stuck with piles of homework to do, every good college student has to come up with a way to take a break. Popular options, of course, always include Netflix and, for some, maybe drinking or a party at a friend's house. Around here we do watch our fair share of Netflix (Megan and I are currently binge watching Gilmore Girls while our other roommates binge Psych), but that's not the only way we keep our sanity in the midst of a giant study session.

More often than not, our friend Katie, who lives next door, will join in on our study sessions, plopping down on the front room futon (which is by our desks) and doing her own homework. It's a great set up and we share our fair share of laughs in between French and Management assignments. Tonight was one of those nights, and Katie and I made life interesting by playing a rousing game of drawing.

The rules are pretty simple. Each person draws a line or two (or three or four) on a white board and then the players all switch. You end up with something sort of like this:

Then you have to draw something that incorporates all those lines. You can do pretty much anything to them: add to them, outline them with different colors, anything except erase. Those lines have to be present in the final drawing. Each player sets to work creating their masterpiece, without allowing the other person to see what they're doing. In the end, you get something more like these: 

You can still see those original lines, although in the case of mine (on the bottom), I added lines here and there to have the whole thing make sense. Katie's is a little bit easier to understand since it's still facing the same direction, but you can still see the development. And yes, that is Expedition Everest on the bottom. I told them while drawing that Megan would be the only one who would understand. Everyone else got super confused. 

We also had these from the previous round, although we didn't start taking pictures of the beginning lines until round three, and we didn't take a picture of round one at all. Round four? That's for tomorrow, and we're both bringing our A Game. 

"Oh the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the appleseed. The Lord is good to me." - Johnny Appleseed

Have a magical day!