Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 680: Kitchen Kabaret

As you know well, my classes provide ample opportunity for me to relate things to Disney. It happens almost daily in some classes (like Fairy Tales was), and sometimes it's a bit less often. I've talked about class after class, but I'm actually not sure if I've ever talked about a reference in my French class. Mostly what we do is sit and learn vocabulary there, so it would be rather difficult to relate things constantly. But today? Today I actually had a very Disney-sort of thought, since we're studying food, and it all goes back to my Sophomore Year of High School.

I took French my first two years at SHS, and I'm taking it again now, mostly because I honestly didn't remember much by the time I got around to taking the college language competency test. So here I am, taking French again. But I do remember a project that we did in High School, which was actually one of the first videos I did and it was tons of fun.

Now, I can't actually find the whole video anymore. It's been long lost to the internet I fear, but I do have the introduction to the cooking show we made for class, titled Cooking Don'ts. Honestly, I believe it would be a pretty darn good television show, all about the things you SHOULDN'T do while cooking or baking. I remember filming the video and miss Lilly came up and ate some of the pie. Gosh this was all a long time ago.

When I made the film though, we had to pick a song, and I couldn't come up with a better song than the Kitchen Kabaret melody. It fit perfectly with what we were doing, even if the lyrics are in English instead of French. Regardless, here's the intro:

Honestly, it's weird to look back at that and then look at some of the things I've done more recently in the world of film. Actually, I'm kind of glad that the rest of it is lost to the world. Who knows what Megan and I look like. Although if this whole thing taught us one thing, it's that poutine is great...and we can't wait to have some at Le Cellier in January. 

Have a magical day!