Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 694: The GMR Montage - A Tribute

I can bet you right now that there are few people in the world sadder than I am about the changes happening the Great Movie Ride. As was announced a few weeks ago, Disney is changing the Great Movie Ride, just a bit, although I'm pretty sure greater changes will come in the future, as a part of a new sponsorship. I think that updating the attraction a bit is a wonderful idea, but YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE MONTAGE.

Let's back up a step though, just for me to calm down, and actually talk about the changes they're intending to make. According to the release, it sounds like they're making changes to the queue and then the montage at the end, as well as possibly adding some sort of photo option? That part's a bit fuzzy. Regardless, these aren't major changes at all, as for right now they're not touching any of the scenes on the inside of the attraction.

However, I have lived so much of my life based on the Great Movie Ride Montage. Literally, it's one of my goals in life to watch through every single movie in that montage, which is probably going to take me a really long time. When I realized that Star Wars ends the montage? Well, you remember that. I freaked out about the Great Movie Ride several times back in the first year of my blog, and things aren't any different now. It's definitely my favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios, and it killed me when my friends and I didn't get on it in June.

Which brings us to our next problem. It's said that these new changes will be in place sometime in January, and we're going in January. So will we go and be able to see the regular, old version one more time, or have I witnessed my last ride through of The Great Movie Ride as we know it? This is literally a Maelstrom situation all over again, and it's NOT FAIR! I feel even more for you guys that lost Maelstrom now, as if I didn't before. What in the world would I do if I wasn't going in January and had even the chance to ride one last time with the montage I know and love?

Well, I'd cry, for one.

So let's just take a moment to watch, for about the 5th time on this blog, the Great Movie Ride Montage:

That was nice, wasn't it? Now why can't it stay? Brace yourselves. If the new one isn't better, I'm going to be severely disappointed. 

Regardless, have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 12 due to Finals).