Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 780: We're Going Where?

Just a note...if you're my Dad or my brother, you'd better stop reading right now because this blog post contains spoilers for you and I'm not supposed to tell you...but let's be honest, I might not be able to let you know what's going on, but that won't keep me from alerting the entirety of the internet. After all, my blog is kind of behind here. Twitter found out last week!

Found out what exactly? Well, that's a very good question, and it requires a little bit of a story.

My family has this tendency to plan out several trips at a time. When I was a kid, it was basically one trip per year, generally around 9-10 days, and it worked because my school schedule really didn't matter. But with me in college and my brother in high school, our schedules tend to conflict, and with the band trip in there and everything else, it's led to a continuation of randomly scheduled Disney trips. Of course, we already knew about our Disneyland trip coming up in August, and I'm SUPER excited about it, but that doesn't mean I wasn't a bit bummed about the fact that I had no idea when my next trip home was.

Keyword: had.

Last week, my mom called me after I got out of class. Or I called her, or something like that. Regardless, I was pretty confused about why in the world my mom was calling me at 11 in the morning, immediately after one of my classes. Turns out she wanted to ask me if I would support an extra trip to Disney in June to celebrate my parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Support a trip to WDW in June? WOULD I!?!

So within a few minutes we had plotted and schemed and yet another trip was planned. Of course, I took it to social media instantly, but Jonny and Dad aren't going to find out until Easter. I'll be honest: keeping this one a secret has been pretty hard so far. I mean, I almost slipped up at least 5 times the other night while looking at slides. Granted, that might have something to do with the fact that we were literally staring at Disney World, the exact place that we are going (albeit almost 30 years ago to the day) and I'd spent quite a bit of time a few days previous making a list of some of the things I want to do when we're down there, but still. Secrets are hard. I'm starting to understand the frustrations of Snow White.

What exactly does this mean? Well, it means that 2015 won't have just two Disney trips anymore, but rather THREE, two to WDW and one to Disneyland. It also means that I'll head to both coasts in one summer, therefore repeating the last (and only) time I've gone to Disneyland, which was in 2011. That summer I ended up traveling to WDW in June for the FBLA Convention and Disneyland in August, so it's almost like history repeating itself...minus the whole FBLA Convention thing (although I would totally love to do that again!)

I guess I need to start a new countdown...

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on February 24).