Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 789: Month Two: Complete

And that's another month of the #EverydayDisneyChallenge in the books. You know, I'm definitely in the routine of posting a picture everyday, and it's pretty nice to not have to go and search for them all the time. What I do is at the beginning of every month I go through all my Disney pictures and find one for everyday of the upcomming month, edit it and then transfer it to my phone. It definitely makes my life a lot easier, even if it sometimes does take a couple of hours to go and find a picture for everyday (for some reason with Epcot for March I couldn't for the life of me figure out that I put Brain Power down on the list for Universe of Energy. I felt like a terrible Disney Fan...) 

So here are the pictures from Month 2, which happened to be Magic Kingdom month. This month feels a lot darker when it comes to the pictures than the upcoming month, but I have the feeling that it's because half of these are night pictures. Apparently my family frequents Magic Kingdom during the evening hours, and to be completely honest, yeah, we probably do. 

If you'd like to join me for any of the upcoming months, go for it! The list for March is below, and it's as simple as putting up your picture everyday and tagging it with #EverydayDisneyChallenge. You can do it on Instagram, which is where I'm running it, or you could do it on Twitter or Facebook! Whatever your heart fancies! 

Have a magical day!