Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 782: Thank the Maker

The very first thing I did when I found out about our trip in June was check the dates for the Flower and Garden Festival. I really did enjoy it last year when we went in March and while I was 99.9% sure that it would end before we got there, I tried to hold onto the hope anyway. Of course, the Flower and Garden Festival will conclude before our arrival, but then I thought about something else.


Now, there isn't a ton of information out about this year's weekends celebration, but just the plain fact that I could be meeting Chewbacca come June is pretty darn great. And don't even get me started about the whole "celebrities might be there" thing. You have no idea how excited I am.

It's funny, because most of my college friends don't even know how much I love Star Wars. That phase, in it's full force, was very much at the end of High School, and while there are several reasons as to why I'm probably not quite so outwardly excited about Star Wars these days, it doesn't mean I love it any less.

Which leads me to the following list. Originally I was going to do a list of 5 reasons I'm sad I won't be at the Flower and Garden Festival this year, but why can't we do that AND 5 reasons I'm excited about Star Wars Weekends? We'll alternate between the two and eventually I'll convince myself that this new adventure will be well worth the wait!

I Won't Get to See These Frozen Topiaries: 

Let's be honest, these are just a little creepy, but you have to appreciate the pure art that goes into these things. I know a few years back I had the chance to visit the horticulture department on Disney property and it was absolutely amazing learning how these are grown and to see several in progress, giving you only a small idea of the detail that goes into making them. Plus, they're Frozen, so that obviously counts for something! Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog for the inside image! 


One of the first things I realized when I found out about Star Wars Weekends and my ability to attend one this year was the fact that I'll meet Chewbacca, and yes, I'm pretty sure I'll stand in line to do so. You underestimate how much I want to meet him. I mean, I can't really do Han Solo, so I'd better settle for the next best thing, right? (Don't tell Chewie I said he's second best though...) 

No Maple Bacon Cupcakes for Me: 

One of my favorite parts about the Flower and Garden Festival last year was the food, most of which I just didn't have time to try. But my mom and I had one thing on our list that we wanted to have for sure: the Maple Bacon Pretzel cupcake. It was DELICIOUS, and since having one, I've convinced several people back here in Wisconsin that yes, the words Bacon and Cupcake do indeed go together. 

Darth Vader Cupcakes:

At least, I hope the Darth Vader cupcake will make a return this year. Regardless, I'm sure there will be some special food, and I'm pretty pumped about the fact that I will get to EAT Star Wars themed stuff while I look at all the other Star Wars themed stuff and while it might not be a Maple Bacon cupcake, it IS a cupcake, and if there's two things I love, it's cupcakes and Star putting them together seems natural.

The Wonders of Life Pavilion: 

As a lover of Epcot, there wasn't much I could love more than going into an old, closed pavilion. I do have some faint memories of the things that used to make their home in the Wonders of Life Pavilion, but now I, like many others, wish that it would be open year round, and that instead of letting it just sit there, they would do something productive with the space and create a new attraction. 

Jedi Mickey & Princess Leia Minnie: 

I have the feeling that these Star Wars versions of the characters will give me life. I mean, I don't think I'll HAVE to meet them (not like Chewbacca at least), but it brings me great joy that they're all dressed up for the occasion. Does this mean I'll have to plan in a Star Wars themed outfit for my trip? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT DOES! 

No Special Jamitors Performance: 

If you know me, you know I LOVE the Jamitors. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're my favorite music group at Walt Disney World. I'm always in complete awe of what they do, and I plan on seeking them out come June (I haven't seen them since March of last year...and I've been on two trips since then). However, during Flower and Garden, they have a special show as Gardeners and literally I loved it more than the usual show. So I'm pretty sad I won't get to see the whole special this year, but I will get to see...

Symphony in the Stars: 

I remember when they started the special fireworks and all kinds of people I knew through Instagram were watching the show, and I was just stuck at home wishing I could see the special Hollywood Studios fireworks too. Well I don't have to wish anymore because I'm going to see them this year and I couldn't be more excited about that! 

This Captain Hook: 

We all know I love Captain a lot. Seeing him in flower form was pretty much the highlight of the festival for me, aside from that cupcake. So along with the rest of the regular displays, I'm pretty bummed that I won't get to see this scoundrel again this year. Even more so, I'm sad that I went a year after they did the special one that was alive. Gosh I would have loved to see that. 

Star Wars Weekends Merch: 

Two years ago I remember writing an entire post on the merch they had at the Star Wars weekends that year. You can read that post HERE. It's funny because, in the end, I did get some of the merch from that Star Wars Weekend: the Speeder Bike Mickey and the Ewok Chip and Dale, as by the time my July trip rolled around, they had some merch left over. What will be available this year? Who knows! 

Now, there are tons of other reasons I'm excited for Star Wars Weekends, but since we don't know everything that will be going on yet, it's more of a "We'll talk about it when we know about it" kind of thing. What does that mean? MORE STAR WARS! Gosh, I've missed the series. There's another reason the series will make more regular appearances on Everyday Disney again though too, but that's a blog post for another time.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on February 25).