Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 784: A Package Has Arrived

If getting Disney mail at home is one of the best things ever, then imagine getting Disney mail at school. You might remember a couple of weeks ago when I bought my Epcot Starbucks You Are Here mug, and if you don't remember it, you can read that post HERE, but there's just one small problem.

That mug is now worth at least $200, although most on ebay are currently going for closer to $300-400. I love my mug, I really do, and I have no intention of selling it, but as Megan said the other day, it's kind of nerve wrecking washing a $300 mug that's not even yours, and trust me, it's just as bad when it IS yours. Therefore, there was only one solution to this problem.

I had to get another mug.

Now, I'm not talking about another Epcot mug (are you crazy?), but lucky for me, there are several other mugs out there, and since I already had one shipped to my house, it wasn't hard to find another to be sent my way. Since I couldn't find a decently priced Magic Kingdom mug, I instead opted for the Hollywood Studios mug, which is just plain adorable, and I'm loving the fact that the Sorcerer's Hat is no where to be found. I guess my plan is working because since buying this new one, I've used it twice and the Epcot mug sits safe and sound on my shelf. I feel bad forcing it to live a life on the shelf, but it's a collectors item now, and considering the rest of my Epcot/Spaceship Earth collection, it's now one of the most important pieces.

But that's not all that came in the mail. On a completely different blog post, which you can read HERE, I lamented about the one thing I forgot to buy while at Disney: Tsum Tsum. But since I have a job now, a real job, I wanted to celebrate in a small fashion. Plus, my new desk will need a little bit of decorating once I have things cleaned off more than they are at the current moment. So I put in an order to the Disney store and by the end of opening all the packages I got from the mail center, my life looked something like this:

Oh yes, it was a very good day for mail indeed. I also realized that I ordered the Tsum Tsum perfectly so they stack by film. Three 101 Dalmatians themed ones on the bottom row, with Cruella in the middle of the two pups, two from Toy Story on top of that, and Donald to round out the tower. I swear I didn't plan it that way, but I also didn't plan falling absolutely in love with these little guys. I don't think my roommates planned that either. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on February 25).