Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 863: 2048

It's only taken a year, but I finally beat 2048.

I should explain a bit. A year ago 2048 was all the rage, if you remember. It was the new Flappy Bird. Everyone was playing it...except for me. That is, until I found THIS version right here. That's right, someone went and made a CaptainSwan version of 2048, and that was the end of it for me. It didn't take long for me to be obsessed with beating the game because, let's be honest, CaptainSwan needs to get their happy ending (even if this was made at the end of Season 3 instead of Season 4 and a happy ending seems to be out of the cards at least for quite some time) and once you start the game, there's no stopping you.

Except for terrible internet.

A year ago, after finals ended, I ended up spending quite a bit of my time (and phone battery) trying to beat the game and find out what the last scene was for the CaptainSwan version. I never actually got there, and when I came home for the summer I had to abandon it because the internet wasn't fast enough to keep up with the GIFs. The internet still isn't esepcailly quick around here, but now I could easily play the game if I wanted long as it's on a computer.

But when I came across the game this finals week it occurred to me that I still didn't know the final scene, and I became determined to solve the puzzle, and this time I had a secret weapon: My roommate, Ashley. She's figured out how to beat the game, and while it took a while, you can bet that before we went home for the summer I finished the game. Yep, I FINALLY WON!

Just for the record, I tried playing it again just now and can't seem to win. I've gotten close, but haven't won. The's real. And for those of you wonderful, the final GIF is that one in the corner: The Dance from the first half of the Season 3 Finale! 

All the CaptainSwan feels. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on May 23 due to finals).