Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 872: 24 Hours

Spend 24 Hours in a Disney Park?

I can't decide if the concept is brilliant or crazy, although I know I'd do it either way, regardless of how busy things might get. However, while many of my Disney friends were off having fun for 24 hours in the parks, was sitting at home, doing work, like I do any other day. My turn at Walt Disney World isn't that far off though, and neither is a shot at Disneyland, so I'll just live in the excitement of that instead, right?

But let's be honest here. Aside from the crazy that probably went on in the Disney Parks the other night, attending 24 Hour Day at Disney sounds pretty great, and it's something I hope to do in the future. It's like the ultimate challenge, right? 6 A.M. to 6 A.M. And here's a few reasons why I definitely wish I could have attended:

Photo Via Sarah Sterling
You might recognize these guys from a previous blog post, as they're the Thingamavlogs Crew! I've been following their adventures over the past few weeks, and they too headed out to the 24 Hour Event at Disneyland. Of course, they managed to provide me with a double reasoning as to why Disney 24 Hour Day would be a spectacular opportunity! One, you get to wear PJs and still look classy in the parks, certainly something you don't get to do every day, and you also get to spend the whole 24 hours with your best Disney friends!

But actually...can we talk about how great Keith's PJs are?

Photo Via Tom Bricker

Of course, this one is a huge bonus! Getting to see the sunrise from inside a Disney Park! I can't even imagine how awesome that would be, as I know I've seen my fair share of Sunsets and every single one of those has been amazing!

But most of all, the fact that, for 24 hours, you get to experience a Disney Park is pretty amazing. I can't wait to head to both coasts this summer, and while I won't have a Disney 24 Hour Day and I might not get to wear my PJs, I do know my experiences will be filled with friends, dancing, sunsets and lots and lots of magic.

For another fun look at Disney 24 Hour Day, here's a video from D23!

Which leaves us with just one question: Would you be willing to brace 24 Hour day? Let me know in the comments! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This Blog Post was written on May 24 due to computer issues).