Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 865: A Tumblr Adventure

To be completely honest, I'm exhausted as I write this, and the fact that I have another nine blog posts to write after this one in order to be completely caught up on Everyday Disney (a necessity at the's driving me crazy) feels a little bit daunting, especially when I have topics for every day except for one.

So I figured I'd try something out...sort of. I do spend a lot of time on Tumblr, or at least I normally do when I'm at college. It's hard to spend significant amounts of time on it here at home due to our internet speed, but I make it work. Regardless, I've typed in Disney Parks in the Tumblr search bar and have let it load while starting off this blog post. Within the next five minutes I'm going to scroll through some of the results and share a few of the things that I happen across and find interesting!

Wish me luck!

Via Tinkeperi
First off, can we talk about how adorable these Flounder cups are? Actually can we talk about the superiority of all Disney Japan merch? I mean just what are we doing here in American when we could be spending our money on these fantastic things?

Via LikeADisneyPrincess

Over the past few months I've fallen in love with the custom Minnie Ears that are out there, some of which I know you'll see in an upcoming blog post. These two happen to be some of the ones I found while searching through the Tumblr feed, and let's be real, that Villains one is spot on!

Via Disneys-SouthernBelle
This one kind of made me laugh. it's a "Prince Eric Disney Moodboard," and as it was loading I, obviously, started at the top and was like "Oh look a Dog!" and immdiately thought of Eric even before the rest had loaded. And then we got to the bottom right hand corner and I was like...Liam? That's right, that's Liam Jones from Once Upon A Time, better known as Captain Hook's Brother. I'd know that coat anywhere!

Via Tinkeperi
I may have gotten a little distracted by the Tsum Tsums...

Via Disney-FaceCharacters
These two are too adorable for their own good and I'm 100% ready to go to the Disney Parks (especially Disneyland) and see the Tangled stuff. We don't get enough Flynn at Walt Disney World!

Via Chef-Mickeys
I came across this one and just had to look at it for a minute. I'm not a Disneyland regular, but I'm fairly regular at Disney World and I've just never thought of taking this picture, or rather, one like it!

Via DisneyParks
This is actually part of a set of five Character Inspired Hats come to life over on the official Disney Parks Tumblr! I'm actually in love with the simple little graphics they put together over there, and that includes this adorable Mickey Hat!

I actually ended up going for closer to 7 minutes, just to make sure I had enough for a blog post (the four or five minutes I had it loading originally apparently wasn't enough), but remember that you can always follow me on Tumblr by clicking the links on the sidebar, whether it be my personal tumblr (epcotexpert) or the Everyday Disney Tumblr (everydaydisneyblog)!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on May 24 due to finals).