Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 864: No Worries

There's really only one motto that can explain the feeling you get when you complete another semester of college and only have a summer to look forward to: "Hakuna Matata."

Of course, as worry and carefree as the end of the semester is, there are a few other emotions that might just be running through your mind. The end of every semester is pretty bittersweet, regardless of who you are. So to celebrate the end of the semester for us college kids and the upcoming end of the school year for pretty much everyone else, here's a few emotions you might experience when you finally don't have to worry about papers and exams and actually going to class anymore:

We've all had that one professor or teacher that decides to give you a final that had absolutely nothing you studied for on it. I'm talking like the one you studied day and night for...and then they put completely irrelevant information that wasn't even in the textbook on the exam.

For our graduates, this is a big one. The world is big and scary and, as I grow closer and closer to my own senior year of undergrad, I know the feeling well. Will I find a job? Will I become a hobo? Where will I live? How will I pay off my student loans? 

I'm probably not helping, am I?

"When was the last time I showered? I don't remember! I haven't had time!" 

One of the absolute saddest parts about the end of the semester is just's the end of the semester. We have to leave our friends and roommates and school and dorm room and go back home. Yes time at home is nice, but not seeing your best buds for three months is also one of the most depressing things in the world. 

And don't even get me started on cleaning out your dorm room. 

Ultimately, however, the end of the semester brings a lot of JOY! We're done! No more class! No more homework! Yeah we still have responsibilities and jobs, but we don't have to schedule our lives around the hours the caf is open! We no longer have to sit in front of our computer with a blank stare, willing a paper to write itself! Textbooks are turned in, final exams taken, and worries put aside! Hakuna Matata! 

Inside Out begins playing in theaters June 19! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on May 24 due to finals...haha!)