Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 881: Two Years Ago

How fast time goes by will never fail to amaze me. It's weird to think that I'm almost on Day 900 of Everyday Disney, and looking back two years to my own Graduation is a sort of weird feeling. Of course, remembering everything that's happened since then is both happy and sad, but I figured that in honor of one of my best friends graduating from High School today I'd take a look back two years. 

Some of  you might remember my Graduation Hat, which I have no idea where it is, but it definitely still rings true, and Carousel of Progress has continued to play an important and interesting role in my life, especially when it comes to Megan and the fact that she managed to sneak the reference into her speech without me noticing the first time. I'm never going to live that down. Graduation hats are one of those terrifying things that you don't necessarily have to do, but if the fact that I'm talking about mine two years later has anything to say about it, make for a great memory. 

I figured I would share Ashley's hat as well, because I think it's a great quote that sums up the other half of what Graduation is: 

When you leave High School, so much of what happens is about the future. You're an adult, going out into the real world, but I think what was hardest for me when I left was wondering what my legacy would be. Did I really impact people that stayed behind? Did I really make a difference? Will I be forgetten faster than I am remembered? All valid questions, and it's a terrifying combination of future hopes and dreams, and the worries that those we leave behind will forget everything we faught for. That's why I love Ashley's hat, which includes signatures from those who have impacted her around the outside as well. It's a brilliant idea, and I was honored to be one of the signatures that she carried with her as she got her diploma. 

These past two years have been one of the greatest adventures of my life so far, as they should be. College is a whole new animal, and while sometimes the future might seem as big and as scary as a bear, as love as we are brave, we'll get through it. Those we leave behind have a choice on whether or not to remember us, but I think if you put enough time and energy into something, a part of you will always stay there. You can be remembered for the good things or the bad things, it's up to you, but ultimately, even when it seems like we won't be, we will be remembered. Our legacy will live on long after we leave, or in this case, graduate, and what we have learned will follow us into our futures as well. 

Congrats to the entire class of 2015, but especially to one of my best friends, Ashley (or Frank, whichever you prefer). It's been an amazing journey so far, and I can't wait to see where this next one leads you. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on June 4 due to Computer Issues).