Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 1008: At the End of the Day

More often than not, I find myself racing against the clock to get everything done in the day. On a rare occasion, I'll have a blog post ready to go earlier in the day, but usually it's the last thing I do before heading to bed...and considering the fact that it's technically now after midnight (making it September 6), I'm just tired and want to sleep. But Everyday Disney comes first...once I figure out a blog post topic.

But today I got to thinking. Sleep means bedtime, and what comes with bedtime? Bedtime stories! And guess what, Disney's got those too. So tonight I thought that we might share a bedtime story together. Turns out Disney Parks has us covered, so here's a Duffy the Disney Bear Bedtime Story!

I don't think a bedtime story is supposed to make you cry, but this bedtime story definitely made me emotional...and now I want a Duffy of my own (I do have a Duffy Tsum Tsum...maybe I should bring that to school). The whole bit about Mickey feeling the love Minnie put into little Duffy and how it made him feel like he was at home got to me. There goes the Disney homesickness again. Is it really too much to ask to skip going to bed here in Wisconsin and instead fall asleep in a Disney one? 

Have a magical day (and night)!