Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 1022: What Happened in October?

Trying to make up blog posts when I get really far behind is certainly one of the more difficult things in life, especially when those blog posts are from months ago. To be fair, if I don't have time to blog on a specific day I try to at least write down a blog post topic that I can come back to later, but more often than not, I'm so caught up in schoolwork and such that I don't even think much about it. My life is relatively ordinary and simple, and while I'm able to find Disney in pretty much anything and everything, I also can't ever seem to remember what happened in October when it's November.

If I'm trying to come up with blog posts from a date that far past, the first place I turn to is my Twitter, as I'm more active there than any other social media, and usually I'll have tweeted about something that makes a connection. The problem is, Twitter only allows me to go so far back sometimes, and since I tweet so much (thanks Once Upon A Time), it's sometimes hard to figure out what in the world might have gone on.

Regardless, I think someday I should show you how boring my everyday life really is. It usually starts with me quickly getting ready for the day before heading to hours of class, maybe a bit of food, and then into an evening that is often filled with meetings. From there, I throw in some practice and homework time before hopefully blogging, working on a video, or catching an episode of something on Netflix before again going to sleep.

See, not that interesting at all? And J-Term is probably even more boring, with days on end of random work on things that I didn't have the time to finish during the semester. Maybe someday I'll snapchat my entire day and then share it here, but that's an idea for another day...although I do wonder how Disney might still fit into a little video like that, because I'm more than certain it would.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 30).