Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 1018: 40,000 Ago

It's always strange to look back at just how far Everyday Disney has come. So much has changed, and when I debated another Throwback Thursday, it occurred to me that on October 15, 2013, I had just hit 10,000 views. Now, two years later, I'm about to hit 50,000, and while it's not necessarily a HUGE number, at the same time it shows that someone is obviously reading.

You can go back and read my post from October of 2013 HERE, just to give you an idea of where I was back then.

Actually, that blog post seems almost like something I would write today, despite the fact that I know I'm a very different person. I still have a ton of homework and other projects I should be focusing on, leaving much less time for my blog than I really want. I'm also still certainly happy with just sitting and writing my blog even if no one is actually reading. Everyday Disney, for me, is all about focusing on my love of Disney while exploring new opportunities, and I'm not about to give any of this experience up.

However, just like in 2013, I really need to get back to my real work. Lots is coming up in the next month or so leading up to my junior recital, and I'm behind already due to a complete lack of time. If only there were more hours in a day!

Have a magical day!