Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 1017: Procrastination

Now that you've spent a bunch of time watching videos of kittens reenacting Disney movies and laughed at Disney Memes featuring Grumpy Cat, what other ways to procrastinate are there? Since we're Disney fans, you have to do it the Disney way here are a few suggestions:

Plan an Elaborate Disney Vacation You Can't Afford

We all want to stay in the best suite at The Grand Floridian, go on private fireworks cruises, eat at V&A, drink around the world, and buy everything in every story, all while spending about a year at Walt Disney World, right? Alright, even if you're not that extreme, you can definitely spend a good amount of time planning your very own perfect Disney vacation.

Sing Along Obnoxiously to Disney Songs

Your roommates won't get frustrated with you singing Let It Go at the top of your lungs, will they?

Reorganize Your Disney Collection

There just has to be a better way for all your Disney stuff to fit on that shelf.

Make a Christmas or Birthday List of all the Merch

Speaking of Disney Stuff...go out and find some of your favorite gift ideas...for yourself...

Look at Pictures From Your Last Disney Trip and Cry

Or every Disney trip. So many memories, so many tears, so little time at Disney World.

Start a Daily Blog on Disney

Wait a minute...

Watch a ton of Disney Videos on YouTube

There's more than cats you know...

Go Through Your Closet and Find Every DisneyBound

Merida, Peter Pan, Emma Swan, Captain Hook (x3), Han Solo, The Blue Fairy...this could go on forever.

Try Out Some Disney Crafts

There's only hundreds out there to try!

Find Other Ways to Procrastinate

Honestly I'm just procrastinating right I should probably get back to my own work.

Have a magical day!