Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 1194: How Disney Will Change Your Life

If you don't believe that Disney has changed or will change your life in some way, you might want to reexamine your life. Not everyone has an opportunity like I've had, to literally grow up with Disney as constant a presence as any of my family members. In regards to friends, my relationship with Disney has lasted much much longer than even the best and strongest of my friendships, which are often additionally strengthened by a mutual love of Disney. 

The truth is, Disney changes us. Even me. Take the above pictures for instance. You've got one of me when I was about three, another from some age in the middle (ten maybe), one from high school, and another from college, but more than my appearance has changed over the years. Yes, Spaceship Earth has always been my favorite attraction and Epcot my favorite park, but there was definitely a period of time somewhere in there when I almost didn't care that I was at Disney World. A part of me grew bored of the parks even, but then I woke up and realized that I was being ridiculous and my life spiraled into the Disney blogging, video making mania it is today. Disney has taught me about friendships, leadership, adventure, and magic, but it teaches us all something different. 

For you, maybe the lessons are more focused on friendship or relationships, making and strengthening them. Perhaps Disney helps you be more self-confident, something I think a lot of us experience, or confident in general. Disney might help you get out of your comfort zone and to try new things. Honestly, it could just make you happier in general, because the magic that is Disney definitely has something for everyone. 

Although, on the side, I do know that a love of Disney will have you watching more movies and tv shows than you ever expected, and will eat up a good portion of your paycheck through purchases such as Disney Parks tickets, Disney food, or that entire set of tsum tsums you liked. Those changes happen to everyone, and really, it's best just to accept it now. 

How has Disney changed you? 

Have a magical day!