Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 1196: Meet My Sibling

I once talked about my brother's love of River Country in honor of his birthday, but it occurred to me that other than through random mentions of him, and unless you watch my vlogs, you probably don't know very much about him. Considering it's year four of Everyday Disney, it's probably time for an introduction here. 

Meet Jonny. He's four years younger than me and honestly gets on my nerves more than he doesn't (right now for's amazing I'm even writing this blog post), but he's still my sibling, and usually we have a pact on Disney trips not to argue just to make the experience better for everyone. It works out for us pretty well...or at least most of the time, and while we definitely don't share a ton of interests, there are a few traditions we love to keep. 

Where I love Spaceship Earth, visiting with Rapunzel, and Dole Whips, Jonny loves Test Track, visiting River Country, and, well, also Dole Whips. He loves looking into the abandoned parts of the Disney Parks, most of which he's too young to have ever experienced, but I give him credit none the less. After all, he knows far more about Discovery Island than I ever will, and I was there. The same can be said for the Disneyland Peoplemover, River Country, The Skyway, Horizons, and Communicore, among others. 

Together, we definitely love going off to find sushi somewhere in the parks, and we definitely spend our fair share of time on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and Space Mountain, where we argue over who controls the vehicle and who gets to sit in the back seat of the spaceship. 

Outside of Disney, he loves the Space Program and NASA, although I'm sure he'd correct me with some more formal term for that obsession. He plays saxophone, piano, oboe, and also bells on drum line with our high school band and jazz band, and also is involved in woodworking, robotics, and theatrics (especially lighting). That's just a basic list though. There's plenty of other things he does too, like sleep. He loves to sleep. But who doesn't? 

So there you have it. A basic introduction to my younger brother that tends to pop up places. And just a note: while his name is Jonathan, we usually just call him "Kid," sort of like Han Solo does with Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movie, even if really he's more of a Chewbacca. 

Have a magical day!