Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 1205: Closets

While talking through outfits for an upcoming trip, it occurred to us that my closet seems to be rather...odd. After all, I fill it purposefully with clothes that will be great for trips to Florida, because if they can stand up to the Disney test, obviously they'll stand up to everything else. 

Seriously though, I keep a lot of layers in my closet. Tank Tops that are classy, but still light enough for even the hottest summer days, lighter long sleeve shirts that are the best during late nights in the Magic Kingdom, and plenty of sweaters for during the colder months. For shoes I have a wide collection, from sandals, to tennis shoes, to boots, and back to flats, but my favorite selections are usually canvas shoes such as converse. 

The thing is, other people don't live like this. Most aren't concerned about what's going to work best for trekking across Epcot or participating in a Four Parks, One Day Challenge. So, in other words, my closet is now full of "travel clothes," with oversized sweaters for airplane rides and colored shorts for DisneyBounding.

And it makes it very different from anyone else's closet. Let me know what's in yours! 

Have a magical day!