Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 1195: Take Me Home

After months and months of waiting for the movie to come out in the first place, we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the first time in December. We then proceeded to see the film multiple other times from there on out because we just couldn't get enough of the new film...even if we weren't very happy about the ending. And then we waited again for months and months, seeing the film in theaters from time to time, until we could say "Chewie, We're Home" in the comfort of our own homes and bring home the film to watch unlimited times without having to pay $13 every time to see it in the theater (even if we did pay for the recliner and 3D upgrades). 

That's right, you can now own your own copy of all of the latest adventures from the Star Wars cast, new and old. If the film isn't enough for you, there's plenty of bonus features that give a behind the scenes look at the creation of The Force Awakens, my favorite of which is the one focusing on the music of the film, which I've been listening to on repeat since December. 

You can pick up your copy today, but we're gonna leave it there because, honestly, I think it'd just be more worthwhile for us all to go watch the movie again...because we can now! 

Have a magical day!