Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 1214: Disappointment

If you experienced The Little Mermaid attraction in its original form back at Disney California Adventure, you'll remember the above hairstyle. For me, it was just one of the many things I disliked about the attraction, which felt disjointed and sort of boring, despite the fact that it had such potential. The story wasn't there really, and it still isn't, and to top it all off, Ariel's hair looked like an ice cream cone. 

But that version of the attraction, which has now been updated in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World to include more normal looking hair, taught me something. It taught me that being disappointed with an attraction is completely alright, because we're all different, and if we all liked the same things exactly then the Disney Parks would be pretty boring. 

Since then, several attractions have disappointed me with their updates, The Great Movie Ride and Test Track included, and while that doesn't mean they're completely bad, it does remind me that we're not all perfect. Even Imagineers need to have a less than exciting attraction every once and a while to really perfect the great ones. 

After all, it's happened before! Look at the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland, the precursor to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It wasn't nearly as popular, but if it never existed, we wouldn't have found Big Thunder. The same could be said for Discovery Island. I mean, it inspired an entire park: Animal Kingdom! 

In other words, while there may be a few problems with newer attractions, I suppose we'll just have to put our trust in the Disney Imagineers, because after all, not everything is going to be perfect for us, and even if it's less than perfect for everyone, they'll fix it in time...hopefully. 

Have a magical day!