Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 1199: Looking Up

Before coming to college, I'm sure I heard time and time again that junior year would be the hardest, and the comments from the upperclassmen that have surrounded me since day one only perpetuated that thought...but I'm pretty sure I didn't believe theme. Now here I am, about to say exactly what they told me: junior year is the most difficult year of college.

On a fundamental level, you usually have some of your toughest classes, and you have more of them during your junior year than you probably do any other year (I took an average of 18-19 credits/semester my first two years, and an average of 22 my junior year). Suddenly you're not only involved in student orgs, but you're helping run them, and thanks to all the college debt you've racked up, you now have two jobs instead of just one. Meanwhile, you're looking to the future, and instead of doing your homework for those 22 credits of class, you sit in your bed pondering if you actually picked the right major or if all your hard work is about to amount to nothing pretty quickly. It's a constant struggle, wondering where all this time to get things done is supposed to come from, even if you know very well that a lot of it was taken up by watching Netflix.

My junior year has been a bit different, and it's definitely been more stressful than anticipated. At the moment, it's mostly about taking things day by day: making sure I get up on time, finishing the dishes before I go to bed, double checking to make sure that the meeting I thought I had doesn't actually exist, and so on and so forth. It's almost as though for months I've simply been floating through the semester like a ghost, and it's an odd feeling that certainly doesn't help keep the blog updated.

But things are looking up. After our housing fiasco at the beginning of 2016, we're excited to have secured the apartment we want not only for the next school year, but for the summer as well, and in addition, after days of extra emails, requests, and confusion, my class schedule for next fall is also finalized, meaning that I have very little to worry about in the upcoming days. Alright, so that's a lie.

The end of the semester is nearing, and with it, I'm growing extra close to my next Disney vacation and having to move...again...from one apartment to another. With that Disney vacation comes new videos that have to be ready to filmed while in Florida, and each of those requires writing and research. Then there's the fact that Everyday Disney is still seriously far behind, and trust me, it's on my mind more than you might think. My attempt to find balance in my life is a slow process, and while it's going somewhat well, my blogging definitely gets the short straw, per usual.

But today I had Mickey Waffles, and that makes up for everything.

Have a magical day!