Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 639: How I Blog

Believe it or not, October 1 is the absolute LAST day I have to make up. That's right, this is the last post that has been randomly sitting on my document as not finished for the last how long. Every single post previous to it has been completed, whether the topic on that day is relevant to that particular moment in time or not. After I finish this post, I'll have officially completed the 669 blog posts that equal October 29 (as today's actual blog post won't be written until later tonight). I've been sitting at my computer since 10 this morning, with a short break here and there to eat or talk with a roommate. It's now almost 4 in the afternoon, and I've got other things going on this evening that mean I finished just in time.

Since I've spent the last how long working on the blog and I gave a bit of a glimpse into my process of making up these posts a while back, I figured I would go into a bit more detail, simply because I'm feeling really accomplished right now.

As I mentioned on a post a long while ago, I have a Google Document that lists every single day I've had to make up since April 18, 2014. Think about that for a second. It's the end of October. That's how long this has been going on. I took a "month off" in June, which I then made up later on in the year (such as just a few minutes ago actually). On that list, a blog post remains in bold lettering until it's completed, making it easier for me to see what day I'm working on, what date it's for and what the title is.

But before the post can even have a title and then be written, it needs a topic, which is a whole other story. I have an entire notebook set aside just for Disney stuff, and there's already been more than a few pages dedicated just to trying to come up with blog post topic ideas. Sometimes, such as right now, there are several blog post topics already lined up. I have topics ready to go for today, tomorrow (October 31) and the day after, meaning that although I won't actually sit and write those posts until later, they already have titles and topics associated with them. They stay in that bold format until I actually hit publish though! 

Once a blog post is published though, the title of the post gets added to a HUGE master list of all the titles I've ever used on any post. The point in this? It helps to make sure I only use each title once, therefore separating every single post from all the others. If I already used the title, I need to find another one that still fits. Luckily, the search feature makes it really easy to figure out if a title is already taken. 

The process of actually sitting down and writing the posts is actually the quick part most of the time. Once the topic and title and date are set, I just have to sit and type for a while. And once it's posted, it means it's time to hit the social media and share it all. Of course, lately that hasn't been an option because of how far behind I was, but with this last updated blog post, I am very excited about the fact that my social media presence for Everyday Disney cannot only continue, but expand. Thank goodness.

I can't believe I'm caught up. You literally don't know how excited that makes me. Hundreds of days, all completed. Finally. I guess there really is a little bit of Disney every single day, isn't there?!?

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 30).