Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 668: Melvin

Meet Melvin, he's our dorm room gerbil.

As you can see, Melvin really likes his costumes. No, he's not a real gerbil. We're not allowed to have anything other than fish in the dorms, but you know what? We wanted a gerbil, because gerbils bring endless joy. So we got one...sort of. I was in charge of finding us a gerbil, and I eventually came across Melvin, who's just super adorable. Then for some reason I suggested the name Melvin and it stuck. So now we have our pet gerbil. 

Somewhere along the line we also decided that he should dress up for Halloween, so Melvin and I got to work. First he was Indiana Jones, as you can see, with his little hat and everything. 

Then Melvin was Hook, because of course that was going to happen. This is actually my favorite, not because he's Hook, but because of the pirate ship. It just turned out really well. 

Then, in what became a super ironic move, Melvin was the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Funny because he's a gerbil, not a mouse, two, because Rumple is doing some weird stuff with that Sorcerer's hat on Once and third because the day after he changed into that costume, they announced the hat was coming down at Hollywood Studios. Odd, right? 

And now, to round things out, Melvin is going to Disney World! Don't worry though, He'll have other costumes coming in the coming weeks, especially as we get closer to Christmas. He even has his own little closet on my shelf where all his hats are stored. It's adorable. 

Have a magical day!