Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 641: Coming Soon

Back in the day when we all had to use VHS players instead of DVD or BluRay players we all had to actually sit through the previews on the tape. Now we generally just skip them, or at least most people do. When I'm with other people I generally head right to the movie, but when I'm all alone I like to actually watch the previews. It's kind of like a reminder about what was going on at the time the film (or the version of the film) was released. Plus, on some of those old Disney VHS movies you can find some of those great old Walt Disney World Vacation commercials.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that I still love watching movie trailers, and there are a couple of them out right now for upcomming Disney films, including two films I'm pretty excited about.

First off we have Inside Out, which is the newest movie from Pixar. It's about the voices inside your head and while I'm still a bit confused about what the entire thing is about (although when aren't we confused?), it's a really great Teaser Trailer. And let's admit it, the part in the middle totally almost made us all cry.

And then we've got the trailer for Big Hero 6, which much like the rest of the recent Disney animated films, I was really skeptical of at first. But now? Now I'm excited. This film looks great and I can't wait to head to the theater to see it this November. And you'd better believe that I hope to meet the characters at Hollywood Studios when I'm at WDW in January since it was recently announced that they'd be making an appearance there. 

And of course this blog post wouldn't be complete without Into the Woods, which is probably the film I'm most excited for at the moment. It's not out until January, but oddly enough, it's actually the musical we're doing at SNC this year, and it's filled with the fairy tales I love and adore so much. Plus Chris Pine. Enough said.

Which film are you most excited about?

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 20).