Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 666: Bloggers Everywhere

As you already know, at least if you've been reading my blog for a while, I do have some sort of a line between my personal life and my professional (blogging) life. However, I feel like it's fuzzy line, and in the world of blogging, it's one that we all have to define for ourselves. For instance, we all have favorite actors and actresses, and when we choose our favorites, there's always a particular set of characteristics we have. For me, one of the absolute top things on my list is the ability to keep those lives separate. Colin O'Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison and Harrison Ford definitely all do a great job of this, and as much as I'm always curious as to what they're up to, I can seriously respect that. I would want to keep my life private if I had thousands of fans too.

Regardless, there are times when those two lives connect together, aside from the fact that I blog about my life every single day and how Disney plays a part in that. But I really don't go around talking about my blog constantly, although my roommates probably hear more about it than they really need to know (mostly my continuous attempts to catch up on the last few blog posts so I'm caught up). In fact, I know for a fact that I talk more about Captain Hook on a daily basis than I do about my blog. My friends all watch OUAT...and catch all my references, but that's a blog post for another day.

I just hit 30,000 views on this blog though. It's quite the milestone, and it's over a year and a half in the making. Honestly, it's almost ridiculous to think about the early days, when I'd be happy with 7 or 8 views in one day, and here I am with a total of 30,000 all time pageviews...a number that was barely at 10,000 a year ago. Blogging is a game of patience, and that's one of the things you can only understand as you slowly go through over a year and a half of blogging about the same thing every single day. But one thing I don't get very often, despite the fact that there's 30,000 pageviews on Everyday Disney, is feedback, and even less often do I actually meet a real, other, live blogger.

I think it's partially because the written and spoken word is becoming less and less popular as we go on in time. Just because I write however many words a day doesn't mean that someone's going to come along and read them. Even I have to admit that I don't have anywhere near as much time to read as I really want to or should. Granted, we're reading all the time, whether it be papers or instructions or television show titles, but we're not reading, and even less of us are sitting and writing something.

So when I do have the chance to meet a fellow blogger, it's a great experience, whether or not they blog about Disney as I do. Yesterday I found out that one of my college friends also writes a blog, although he's just starting out. I remember those days...trust me, I do. I wrote a post on them just last week. One of my best friends also writes a blog, and I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty sure I helped inspire her to write hers too. That's a great feeling, not only that there are people out there reading my blog, but that there are people out there writing their own blogs, even if I didn't inspire them at all.

What advice do I have to bloggers, especially after 22 months of work? Keep writing. When I tried to write a blog how many times over, the problem wasn't page views or interest or topic or even how I was writing. It was the ambition to write and the resolve to keep doing so. That's an incredibly hard thing to learn, especially when in college or school and your schedule is so full you don't know what to do with your life other than cry about the future debt you so carefully developed. All those other things will come in time, but to be honest, they're never going to come if you don't keep blogging. Like I said, it's a game of patience. And as I learned during Sunday's episode of Once Upon A Time, patience is a virtue, and most certainly worth it.

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Have a magical day!