Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 661: A Blue Star Candle

Today is a very important day in the Once Upon A Time fandom! It's Emma Swan's birthday, also known as the anniversary that our favorite television show about Fairy Tales premiered on ABC. That's right, three years ago today I was sitting in my bedroom watching Once Upon A Time. It was the first time I watched Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parilla and Jennifer Morrison on my television screen, at least that I knew of. So I needed a way to celebrate. It seemed like a logical post, and while I still haven't done my Favorite Hook Moments post, I'll soon be doing that (it pairs up with something early next week), I decided that I couldn't just do Hook anyways. Nope, I needed something to celebrate ALL of Once Upon A Time. And then I realized. As much as I've talked about OUAT, with little bits and pieces here and there, I haven't actually talked about my absolute favorite moments, and if there's one way to accomplish something like that, it's a 30-Day Challenge.

Now, I'm actually in the midst of three other challenges between Instagram and Twitter, so adding on another one seems like a lot of work to be completely honest. Instead, I'll just include my answers here in one giant blog get ready, and I'll try to keep things short (no promises though). I have a half hour until How To Get Away With Murder to completely focus on this, so let's see if I can't get this done!

1 - Your Favorite Male Character? 

2 - Your Favorite Female Character? 

3 - Your Least Favorite Male Character? 

Alright, in all seriousness here, I'll actually answer the questions now instead of randomly putting GIFs or Memes. Hook and Emma...does that surprise you? (And if you didn't catch that reference go rewatch Season 3).

As for my least favorite male character, it's a difficult question because really, we love to hate these characters. Overall though I'm probably going to have to say Rumpelstiltskin. Now don't get me wrong, I love Robert Carlyle and I adore the storyline they've made for Rumple, but there's just not a lot of appeal in the character for me. I'm definitely (and obviously) on the Hook side so...yeah.

4 - Your Least Favorite Female Character? 

Again, a really hard question. I think this one's even harder than the last one because I literally can't think of any Female Character I really don't like. Ummm...probably someone completely insignificant, like Bo Peep or something. I mean, I could say Zelena cause she screwed up my ship kinda (but then again they did go on that amazing adventure), or Cora because she's so evil, but I adore both of those characters. So yeah, Bo Peep it is I guess.

5 - Your Favorite Villain? 

I really have the urge to put the "Seriously" GIF here again. But let's take Hook out of the equation. As one of my friends mentioned earlier, "Is he really still a villain?" It's a good question considering right now he has some issues at hand (pun intended), but I truly believe he'll work them out. Regardless, let's pick another villain.

I think aside from Hook I definitely have to go with Regina, although I don't see her as super evil anymore either. But there's just something about Lana and the sass and how much Regina loves Henry and so on and so forth that makes her one of my favorites. Not to mention how absolutely brilliant her costumes are.

6 - Your Favorite Scene? 

Oh goodness. There's so many scenes to choose from. I mean, there's the Hook and Emma moment in 3x05, and the Hook and Emma moment in basically every episode after that and the Hook and Emma moment here and the Hook and Emma moment there.

BUT, I think I'm going to have to go with a classic moment, as in the first time Emma and Henry really, truly connected. The pilot is one of my favorite episodes because it's just so brilliantly done, and it reminds us all just how far the show has come. I wish I had time to watch it tonight (and maybe I will). Either way, Jennifer and Jared were wonderful in that scene, with such powerful emotions that sucked us all into this fandom. Aren't we glad that happened?

7 - Your Favorite Ship/s?

I'll give you one hint...nope, you don't even need one. If you haven't figured out by now that I ship CaptainSwan you probably need to invest in some help. Or maybe I'm the one that should invest in some help. Regardless, they're just the best and I loved their date, even if it was ruined by a cursed hand and I loved the moment in the picture above and basically I love every bit of them in Season 4, although I've loved them for much longer and yep. CaptainSwan. 

I also totally ship OutlawQueen and Rumbelle and, of course, Snowing. Can't miss out on them. 

8 - Your Favorite Friendship?

It's probably a tie between CaptainCharming (Hook & Charming) and FrozenSwan (Elsa & Emma). I mean, on the CC front it's sort of awkward because, well, the pirate is dating his mate's daughter, but thing's will smooth over in the end I do believe. As for FS, I'm just so happy that Emma finally has a friend in Storybrooke, I mean, apart from Hook. It's great for her to have someone who understands what she's going through with her magic, and I'm super excited to see more of that relationship as the season moves forward.

Also, in case you were wondering, this is how far I got before How To Get Away With Murder started...

9 - Saddest Moment? 

This one, surprisingly enough, is pretty easy to figure out. It's in 3x11: Going Home, when Emma and Henry are driving away from the town and the smoke overtakes the town. That definitely stands out to me as the saddest moment, since it was just really emotional for me. I mean, to have everything from the last two years just...gone, that was crazy. To see Snow and Charming have to send their daughter away a second time, just like they did in the pilot? That was crazy.

Other scenes that come to mind are everything to do with the death of Neal. That's the only time I've actually cried watching the show. I didn't want Neal to die, and it was painful to watch my favorite characters deal with the loss of someone they loved.

10 - Funniest Moment? 

These are hard questions! There are so many great hilarious moments, especially when it comes to Hook. His one liners are priceless. Right now the big one is probably this though:

11 - Your Favorite Badass Scene? 

Oh gosh. I have no clue. Well, actually I love whenever Hook swordfights, especially his fight with Blackbeard in 3x17: The Jolly Roger. Otherwise, the one scene that really stands out to me is near the end of Season Two, when Snow saves Regina (hidden by magic) from her own guards. It's just awesome.

12 - Your Favorite Kiss? 

I had to debate this one for some time because since Season 4 began, Hook and Emma have been having a pretty good run on this front. There's what, 4 episodes and 3 of them have them kissing? Yeah, it's a good time to be a CaptainSwan shipper, although I have the distinct fear that such nice period will be ending soon. Regardless, I have to actually say the one at the end of Season 3. I think it paired so nicely with the wedding and everything else that was going on and it was just such an important step for them. Plus I freaked out like no other.

13 - Do you want the Evil Queen to get her happy ending? Why/Why Not?

Oh for sure. I think happy endings, or at least the hope of such things, are an extremely key element of fairy tales overall. I'd be heartbroken to see the series end without a happy ending for Regina, especially when she's absolutely so close to one and despite the fact that the odds are against her, she's working with Henry to save the woman who's legitimately stopping her from reaching her goal. Everything changed for me during 3x09: Save Henry, and after the conversation as she made the potion for her to forget, I've been on team Regina & Happy Ending. She deserves one, regardless of what she's done.

14 - Your Favorite OMG moment? (Something you didn't expect)

I had to stop to discuss this one with my roommate since I really couldn't figure out what my answer would be. I see a lot of spoilers, so a lot of stuff is sort of "ruined" for me, although that's sometimes good.Either way, there was a time when I didn't know everything though, and I think the most shocking moment for me was when we found out that Pan was after Henry at the very end of Season 2. That was just ridiculous, and then we had to wait all summer to find out what happened next. Crazy.

15 - Which Side are you on? Good or Evil? 

This is another hard question considering the fact that my favorite characters are technically on the opposite sides of this, but probably Good. I definitely relate more to that side of things, although like Emma I sometimes find it irritating how her parents are so optimistic. Still though, no doubt about it that I'd fight for the good and the right thing. Although what's that Hook always says? Could it be...Good Form?

But for real...the Nevengers.

16 - Your Favorite OUAT Outfit?

Oh his one I have down. It's easy! I absolutely adore the ball outfits Hook and Emma had in the Season 3 finale. Emma's Dress? I want it so much. So bloody much. And Hook's jacket. Just yes.

17 - Your Favorite Episode of Season 1? 

This is actually a three way tie, I think. There might be a fourth episode stuck in there too, but off the top of my head I have to say 1x01: Pilot, 1x07: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and 1x10: 7:15 A.M. The fourth would be 1x09: True North. Season 1 is just so great and there's so many wonderful episodes that it's hard to pick just one. Actually I'm pretty sure I have more favorite episodes in Season One than any other season. I have favorite moments in every episode of course, but some episodes you just want to watch over and over again, and that's certainly a feeling I get with much of Season 1, despite the lack of my favorite character.

18 - Your Favorite Actor? 

Again...the urge to use the "seriously?" GIF is high, although I felt this meme was appropriate. But for's this guy. It's not surprising, not one bit. Colin's great, and I know that (he probably knows that, but from what I can gather he's pretty humble about all of it. I mean...his television interviews are like the most adorable thing ever because sometimes he's shy and is genuinely the complete opposite of Hook and gosh I'm rambling, aren't I?) Regardless, he's Irish, has great hair, is super nice and plays Captain Hook. What's not to like?

19 - Your Favorite Actress?

Jennifer Morrison, everybody. Pretty sure we're almost the same person in a super weird way, considering the fact that there's a lot of stuff we have in common, but that's all beside the point. I literally love JMo more every single day and she's definitely one of the people I want to meet in my life. Adorable in every single way. 

20 - Your Favorite OUAT Quote? 

"Life is Made up of moments. Good ones; Bad Ones, but they're all worth living." - Prince Charming to Emma Swan in Episode 3x10: The New Neverland. Easy. It's absolutely my favorite quote. Hands down.

21 - Your Favorite Backstory? (of any character)

Another tough one, and as much as I love Hook's backstory, I think I'm going to have to go with Red Riding Hood. That episode in Season One just blew me away. Everyone knows the story of Red Riding Hood, but making her the wolf? BRILLIANT. I don't think I can express enough how much that was a great twist on the story!

22 - Something you want to see/find out that hasn't been revealed yet? 

As of right now, how the Snow Queen knows Emma. I think that's one of the biggest questions running through our minds right now. I have my ideas, and I know a few things here and there, but not enough to figure out just how they know one another. I'm really interested in finding out though, and I hope we get some new information in 4x05!

23 - Any prop you could take from the set? 

My roommates and I had a discussion about this one, and I've narrowed it down to like...three. My initial instinct is the yellow bug, since it's so iconic. But where in the world would I put a yellow bug? So then I decide on the Red Leather Jacket because who wouldn't want that? But I technically have a red leather jacket (although I don't have one worn by Jennifer Morrison soo...). And then I was like...dude...the hook. That would be absolutely brilliant. I want to own the hook. I just want to see the hook. Or maybe Hook's jacket, despite the fact that it weighs 50 pounds. I'd gladly wear the coat if it meant I was wearing the coat Colin wore. And finally, there's the storybook, which after much deliberation is probably the thing that I'd want the most, as long as it included all the stories from the show. That's essential.

24 - If you could be anyone from Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest, who would it be? 

Emma Swan, hands down. I mean, she hasn't had the best life, but I admire her as a character, fighting for what she wants. That's really important, especially considering the fact that she's still fighting even after everything she's gone through. I think that's probably one of the reasons I love CaptainSwan so much, it's because here's two people that have the world literally working against them and yet they continue to push forward.

Plus she gets to kick down doors and can seriously walk in heels and gets to date Hook soo...

25 - Your favorite character entrance? 

Honestly I'm not 100% sure what this means, but let's see. I absolutely adore how Charming enters the pilot, opening up literally the entire show by riding in to save Snow. That's a pretty epic entrance. But Regina wins, hands down. That's one serious entrance.

26 - A character you would like to see more of? 

I really am excited to see more about Belle actually. I mean, Emma for sure too, but I already love Emma and just feel that Belle at least deserves some more screen time. I know we'll be getting some backstory for this particular princess probably in just a week or two, so that's exciting. I mean, I'd always love to see more Hook and Emma, but these days they're thankfully pretty well accounted for. So Belle. Definitely Belle.

27 - Favorite location/set? 

I'm actually particularly fond of Mary Margaret's apartment, which is basically home base these days. It's just my style, with a vintage-antique-mismatch sort of feel. Plus I love the open floor plan and the apartment style and the simply homey feel of it. I'd love to visit the set to be completely honest, or you there or something.

28 - Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest? 

Storybrooke, hands down. I can't wait to visit Steveston some day, even if I don't make it there until long after the show has concluded. The town is just so beautiful and I love every bit of it. I mean, the Enchanted Forest is great too, but there's just something extra magical about Steveston being a real place I can visit.

29 - Your Favorite Fairy Tale? Did you like the OUAT Version? 

Well, when the show started I'd have to say Rapunzel, but I'm pretty well-versed in my fairy tales now, after taking a class and growing seriously interested in the stories themselves. I actually really did like the Rapunzel twist they took, although I'm sad it's more of a one time thing than anything else. A lot of people (my friends included) are disappointed with the take they went with on Rapunzel, but I liked the idea that she was afraid and was her own enemy. I think stories like that are more powerful and easier to relate to than most others.

30 - What got you interested in Once Upon A Time? 

I actually started watching after seeing the promos for the first episode, now two years ago. I was like, "Hey, a show about fairy tales! That sounds cool!" and figured I would try it out because, well, why not? I wasn't currently watching any other TV shows and it sounded interesting so I watched the pilot...and the next episode and the one after that and so on and so forth until here we are three years later blogging about my all time favorite moments and characters from the entire show.

It's been a great three years though, that's for sure. I can't even count the number of people I've met because of the show...or the number of people that I already knew and got addicted to the show. It's an issue. Even my brother tends to quote Hook or something from time to time, although it's half to annoy me and half as a joke (but seriously Kid...the eyebrow thing). I mean, obviously this show has made an impact on me. I have a red leather jacket in my closet, I dress up for a television show every Sunday, my favorite OUAT quote is on my wall, I have a poster on my shelf that says "Work Like a Captain, Party Like a Pirate," I've taken an entire class on fairytales and am seriously considering doing further research with them for projects in the future and somewhere along the line, Colin O'Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison, along with the entire rest of the cast and crew, have wormed their way into my mind and heart. It brings me happiness and joy and most of all, Once Upon A Time brings me hope.

So happy birthday Emma Swan and Once Upon A Time. Here's to many, many more CaptainSwan kisses and long hiatuses and intriguing backstories and spectacular sets and curses and cliffhangers that leave us on the edge of our seats.

Have a magical day!

(And on a side note...HTGAWM ended like over an hour ago...)