Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 640: Baby Sven

Frozen is certainly a big thing, but apart from the strangely accurate Elsa dress currently hanging in our front closet, you'd probably hardly even know I like the film. Then again, I love Tangled and you probably can't tell that from my desk either but we'll get there.

My family used to always collect the plush characters from each Disney movie. That means I have several Tiggers and the Cars characters and more Mickeys than one can probably count sitting at home. Maybe sometime I'll go through them and make a bigger post about it, but that's not why we're here at the moment. It's a topic for another day. The problem? Disney hasn't made the same plush figures as they have in the past. I mean, they're definitely out there, but really. As far as I know there isn't a plush Flynn Rider out there. Ok, I looked it up and I guess there is technically, but not really. Not like there used to be. And in all honesty I had no intention of buying any of the Frozen characters that came out.

And then I saw Baby Sven.

Several of my fellow Disney Instagrammers got these when they initially came out and that was great. I debated getting one of my own, considering they were limited edition, but I just kind of lost track of time and then they weren't being sold anymore. A month or so ago I was on eBay though, like I so often am just to look around. I rarely actually buy anything, and I came across a Baby Sven. My interest peaked and I ended up finally getting one of my own.

Now Baby Sven sits on my shelf here at college, bringing a bit of Frozen into my carefully crafted Disney display. He's pretty darn cute though, you have to admit. I mean, even Jennifer Morrison thought so (because yes, she favorited this picture when I posted it as a smile of the day!), meaning that he's worth every penny.

I'm pretty sure I draw the line here though. I honestly don't have a want for an Olaf to show up anytime soon. Building a snowman sounds cold.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 20).